The 13th BIPAF looking for Foreign Ambassador

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The 13th BIPAF looking for Foreign Ambassador

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The 13th Busan International Performing Arts Festival looking for Foreign Ambassador


The 13th Busan International Performing Arts Festival which is held in Busan Metropolitan City, the second largest city, looking for foreign ambassadors. Please participate in BIPAF held with various invited performances from all over the world with new concept every year as foreign ambassador experiencing the international festival and having a lifetime of memories from your year in Korea.


1. Requirement

1) Anyone aged more than 19 years old

2) Foreigners who are live or study in Busan

3) People can enthusiastically work for this festival with punctuality and responsibility


2. Working Period and role

1) In concept performances during the festival [2016.5.6. (Fri) ~ 5.15. (Sun)]

 - Meeting will be planed after we have confirmed concept performance’s plan

2) Introducing the play and giving advice on etiquette to audiences in Korean right before the play.

3) Arriving 90 minutes before the play and being ready

 - There is going to be ambassadors’ rehearsal with young ambassador after the acting troupe’s rehearsal.


3. Benefit

1) ID card which allows you can watch every play in this year’s BIPAF

2) Official uniform


4. Application

1) 2016. 4. 11(Mon) ~ 4. 25 (Mon)

2) E-mail to your cover letter

3) Your cover letter must include information below

- Full name, contact, e-mail address, affiliated school (not necessary), and one ID photo for issuing ID card (ex. passport photo)

4) Only those applicants whose application have passed the screening will be called in


6. Inquiry

Busan International Performing Arts Festival Performing Support Team

(E-mail. / Tel. 051-802-8003)

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