Greetings > BIPAF - Busan International Performing Arts Festival

BIPAF Festival director, Ko In-beom
Hello, this is the Festival director, In-beom Ko.
Greetings to all citizens who love the BIPAF.
Festival Director In-beom Ko at your service.
Thanks to the support of citizens, the BIPAF is celebrating its 19th anniversary.

BIPAF has grown into a representative performing arts festival in Busan over the past 18 years, featuring a wide range of performances from classics to street plays. We approach citizens by preparing a festival that preserves the identity of the performing arts while providing a safe and fun festival to Busan citizens who are struggling with the prolonged Covid-19.

This year, BIPAF has brought the 'Dynamic Street' program, which was held only online due to the worsening of the Covid-19 situation last year, back to on-site at APEC Naru park, further increasing the intensity of the festival. Also, BIPAF presents high-quality works that have been performed actively all around the world both on-site and online.

In addition, this year's BIPAF launches the ‘Youth Support Program’ thanks to the great attention of audiences to the regional win-win challenge 'Cheer up Busan!' for local art organizations suffering from the prolonged Covid-19. Through various performance programs such as the street competition program and the non-face-to-face citizen participation program, as well as the Busan regional arts group program, we aim to provide the atmosphere of a festival enjoyed by all citizens.

As such, the concerns of BIPAF for the safe festival for everyone to enjoy continue. We hope that BIPAF, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year, will provide consolation to your weary hearts and give vitality to the local community.

We wish you a bountiful June with Busan's leading performing arts festival, BIPAF.
Thank you.
Festival director, In-beom Ko.