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2004 The 1st Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 1st Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2004
Duration Aug 25th(Wed) 2004 ∼Sep 4th(Sat) 2004 <11days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center (Medium, Small Halls and Outdoor Stages), Small Hall of Busan Citizen Hall, KBS Hall(Busan)
Theme Laughing to all
Participation 8 Performances from 5 countries
Czech Republic, Germany, France, Japan, Korea
Host The Executive Committee of BIPAF
Festival Construction
Opening Ceremony
Official Invitation (Foreign & Korean)
<Crash> Czech Republic / The CVOCI Theater Company
<TATATIN... et voilà> France / L'Orpheon
<Irresistible> Germany / Duo Diagonal
<Time of Mime> Japan / the Mime theatre Company of Iimuro Naoki
<A beauty in the Portrait> Japan / Shimonoseki
<Frank & Stein> Korea / The Homo Ludens
<The Story of Baebijang> Korea / Jeong-Kuk Oh
<The First Love of The Acrobat> Korea / Yeonheedan Street Troupe
Workshop : Commedi Dell'arte Workshop, "Mime workshop" led by Keung-Ho
Fringes : The Exhibition Digital Photos "The Laughing Face is so Beautiful!", "Laughing with Juggling", Face Painting "Wear your make-up", Movies under Twinkling Stars