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2006 The 3rd Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 3rd Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2006
Duration May 5th(Fri) 2006 ∼May 15th(Mon) 2006 <11days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center (Main, Medium, Small Halls and Outdoor Stages), Busan Citizen Hall (The Little Theater) halls), Kyungsung University Concert Hall & The Little Theater), SH Gongkan Little Theater, Nureun Little Theater
Theme Non-Verbal with Busan!
Main Copy TALK WITHOUT TALK(Sound, Movement and the Sincerity)
Participation 17 Performances from 7 countries
Russia, U.S, Japan, Germany, Brazil, China, Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City, The Executive Committee of BIPAF
Festival Synopsis
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Theme Section : Non-Verbal Special / BIPAF Stage / With Family / Special Invited Stage
★Opening Performance <BALAGAN> Germany / Fliegende Bauten
★Closing Performance <JUMP> Korea / Yea Gam
<all wear bowlers> U.S / rainpan 43
<Sleep...less...ness> Russia / DO-THEATRE
<Shi-zen, 7 bowls> Brazil / LUME THEATRE
<The Train 4> Korea / Choin-Theatre
<Unbalance> Japan / Iimuro Naoki Mime Company
<If you are in love, Dance with me!> Korea / Doobicom
<The Typist> Korea / Sadari Movement Lab
<JINY story> Korea / Se Jin Mime Theater
<Good-bye to you !> Korea / Ha Hyun-Kwan Mime Performance
With Family <Marionette Music Concert> Russia / Music Marionette Theater
<The Little Prince> Korea / Wagon Stage Troupe
<The story of Mooami and the island> Korea / Terror J Japari Institute
<Noeul's Wishers> Korea / JT Culture/The Outsiders
<Dance of Wenling Southern Art> China / Quanzhou Wenling Southern Art
10 Minute Play Festival : Citizen's Play Competition
Method Workshop : The World Famous Directors Invitation
Outdoor Event
BIPAF SaRangBang / Busan International Performing Arts Exchange Program
Summer Theater Camp