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2007 The 4th Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 4th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2007
Duration May 5th(Sat) 2007 ∼May 15th(Tue) 2007 <11days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center (Main, Medium, Small Theater) and Outdoor stage, Busan Citizen Hall (Big, Small halls), Kyungsung Uni.(Concert Hall, Small hall and Outdoor stage), Neo Reun Small Theater, Actors Small Theater
Theme Revisiting the Classics
Main Copy Refashioned, Reworked, Rejuvenated - The Classics!
Participation 18 Performances from 8 countries
Germany, Russia, U.S, Japan, France, The Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Theme Contents : World Mastertpiece / BIPAF Stage / Family Stage
★Opening Performance <Romeo & Juliet> Korea / Mok Hwa Repertory Company
★Closing Performance <Robert's Dream> Germany, Russia / Theatre DEREVO
<Tiny Ninja Theater presents Hamlet> U.S / Tiny Ninja Theater
<Mr. Carmen> Russia / AKHE Engineering Theatre
<Musical Indang Su's Blues> Korea / Stage-T
<L'Avare> Korea / Busan Metropolitan Theatre Company
<Extreme Romeo & Juliet> Korea / Theatrical Company Ensemble
<A cour & En corps> France / CIRQUE BAROQUE
<SAI> Puerto Rico / U turn Dance Company
<B-Boy Spin Odyssey> Korea / Siwol Network
<Ba Ri De Gi> Korea / Dong Nyuk Theater Company
<Musical Marriage> Korea / Sam Il Lo Chang Go Theatre
<LUV> Korea / Jeong Modum Theatre Company
<Handcart, Overturned> Korea / Corporal Theater Momggol
<In the war> Korea / Theater M.I.Z.I
<Prague-the enchanted city> The Czech Republic / Pavel Vangeli Theatre
<牛になったサンヒョン>Japan / JPスタジオ
<The Sound of folk music> Korea / Marionette Theater Company ‘Bomul’
10MINUTES PLAY : Amateur Actors and General citizens
World Famous Directors' Method Workshop
BIPAF Social Gathering- Busan International Performing Arts Exchange Program
Special Events : Showcases, Street Performance, Media Photo Exhibition etc.