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2011 The 8th Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 8th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2011
Duration May 1st 2011(Sun) ∼ May 10th 2011(Tue) <10days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center (Main·Medium·Small Hall), Busan Citizens Hall (Small Hall), EulSukDo Cultural Center, Kyungsung University (Concert Hall / Yeno Hall / Outdoor stage), Culture Alley Yongcheon Jiral Theater
Theme Love & Harmony
Main Copy Harmony made by life and love represented in the arts
Participation 19 Performances from 7 countries
Brazil, Spain, Japan, China, Czech Republic, France, Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Opening & Closing Performance, Opening Reception
Performance Program
- CONCEPT (The performances in accordance with the theme, 'Love & Harmony')
- OPEN (The performances fall outside of the theme)
CONCEPT ★Opening Performance <L`homme de l`Atlantique> France / Olivier Dubois
★Closing Performance <fragments du désir> Brazil, France / Dos à Deux
<My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha> Korea / Un Project Group
<Starved Rest> Korea / Theater MOMGGOL
<La Petite Mort> Czech Republic / Skutr
<A Rhapsody of Sanghai Bund> China / Zephyr International Art & Culture Company
OPEN <Passivity and Headache> Korea / Dance Theater Chang
<Cantabile> Korea / Yeunbunhong
<COPS> Catalonia (Located in Northeast Spain) / Catalan Company
<HUMORTAL> Catalonia (Located in Northeast Spain) / Catalan Company
<Ddiyong, Into the Nature> Korea / Hyundai Puppet Theatre
<My Grandmother's Old Storage> Korea / Japari Research Institute
<Goodbye at Busan Station> Korea / Theater MARU
<A Crab, a Woman and her Japanese Neighbor> Korea, Japan / TPS Chungwoo&TPS
<Dream> Korea / Art Stage San
<Love Game> Korea / Theater Group YEAN
<The longest way around> Korea / Freesea
<Brothers> Korea / MACTHEATER
<Comedy Suicide> Korea / Theater Group Four Season
Joinable Program
- BIPAF Event : Q&A Session, Showcase, BIPAF ZONE
- 10 Minute Open Plays
- BIPAF Workshop
- Busan Theater Camp for Youth (July)