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2013 The 10th Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 10th Busan International Performing Arts Festival (2013)
Duration May 3rd 2013(Fri) - May 12th 2013(Sun) <10days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center(Main/Medium/Small Hall), Busan Cinema Center(Hanuelyeon Theater),Kyungsung University(Concert Hall/Yeno Hall), Gonggan Theater, Actors Theater, Gwanganri Beach BIPAF ZONE
Concept Digilog A Meeting of Digital and Analog
Participation 7 Performances from overseas, 3 Performances from Korea / 17 I.rean Performances for Competition / 19 Outdoor Performances
Taiwan, Spain, UK Austria Japan, France, Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Opening and Closing Performance, Opening Reception
Performing Program
- Go, Avignon OFF
- Outdoor Performance
CONCEPT *Closing Performance <Apparition> Austria / Klaus Obermaier
<Cinematique> France / Adrien M/Claire B
<The Smallest Frog Prince in the World> Korea / Haddangse Theatre
<Distortion City> Taiwan / Mobius Strip Theatre
<NAIF> Spain / Toti Toronell
<DOGEN AIKA> Japan / Shinjuku Ryozanpaku
<Chapter 6: Life> UK / Anomic Multimedia Theatre
OPEN *Opening Performance <Pagagnini> Spain / YLLANA Production <Unak> Korea / Dons Nyok
<Ugly Man> Korea / Un(0) Project GrouP
Go, Avignon OFF
<Cheo Yong> Korea / Kkamang theatre
<The Wall of Flower> Korea / Mystery Bridge
<An Absurdity of Things> Korea / Professional Doer
<The Mouse> Korea / Nurie
<The place of the other> Korea / Theatre 76
<While you are doing so> Korea / Diaconos
<I'm the King, but the Emperor is you> Korea / Art Dream Rain
<Star> Korea / Sori
<Shoes hanging over clouds> Korea / Performing arts creative group 'train'
<Tango of red roses> Korea / NoGaRi
<Johann Franz (original : Woyzeck)> Korea / A friend's rooftop
<Ha-Lu> Korea / No-Mu
<Yom> Korea / Trust Dance theatre
<Bahnhof Season2> Korea / Creative Group .GEOGIGAMYEON.
<The dreaming is odyssey> Korea / The Rising Sun Dramatic Company
<Stay> Korea / Dons Nyok
<Convulsion> Korea / Theatre DR
2SH (Two seung ho), MANNEQUEEN, Big Boned Rhythm, PANICSWITCH, SEEN&ROOT, Panorama Elec Queen, Jeonpo Crossroads, Busan Sons, ASCARA, BAND RK Dansin, MOJO, Black City, Magician Kim Young-Jin, HR Time, DHMP, NOM, BAND Ryeongkyo
Joinable Program
- 10 Minute Open Plays
- MA Session
- BIPAF Lecture(Digitalk)
- BIPAF Workshop
- Busan Theatre Camp for Youth(Summer)
- Busan Theatre Camp for Children(Winter)