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2014 The 11th Busan International Performing Arts Festival
NAME The 11th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2014
Duration May 2th 2014(Fri) ∼ May 11th 2014(Sun) <10days>
Venues Busan Cultural Center (Main・Medium・Small Hall) / Busan Citizens Hall (Small Hall) / Gwanganri Beach BIPAF ZONE / Gonggan Theater, Actors Theater, Lemontree Theater, Theater The Stage, CheongchunNavi Theater
Concept NanJang, Squirming for Free!
Participation 8 Performances from overseas, 2 Performances from Korea / 18 Korean Performances for Competition / 25 Performances for Fringe Stage
Taiwan, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, UK, Israel, Czech, France, Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Opening & Closing Performance, Opening Reception
Performance Program
- BIPAF Dynamic Fringe
Contest Program
- Go World Festival : The performances competing against each other to be selected for international famous festival 2014
- 10 Minute Open Plays
Joinable Program
- Artist Talk : Time to communicate between performers and audiences
- BIPAF Art Market : International exchange program for internal and external
CONCEPT Opening performance <Star trip> spain / YLLANA Production
Closing performance<The Painters : hero> Korea / Pentatonic Inc.
<The men> Czech / STK Theatre concept
<Mélange 2 Temps> France /BP ZOOM
<The adventure> Bulgaria / State puppet theatre Vidin
<Elizabeth's last stand> England / London mime threatre
<Bahnhof-season2>Korea / Geogi-Gamyeon, the creative group
<S/He is nancy joe> Czech / Tantehorse-Physical mime theatre
<The woman who didn't want to come down to earth> Israel / Gabrielle neuhaus physical theatre
<How to create everything from nothig> Russia / Suitcase-duet KVAM
Go World
<The moment when technique is failed> Korea / Hyejinjeunhonmgseok
<Which star do you come from?> Korea / Theater company dream friends
<Hamlet a tale of two soldiers> Korea/ Theater O
<Welcome to paradise zoo> Korea / Lana & leo
<As spring comes, on the mountains and plains> Korea / Theater BACK
<Rehabilitation project for a running man> Korea / Ddong dan gi
<Drama for go dog> Korea / Project GR
<My dear, helen> Korea/ Actor, audience and space
<Mang-gu : aria> Korea / Park yeon-jung dance company
<Like fireworks, like butterflies> Korea / Kkachidong Theatre Company
<The Cherry Orchard - Beyond the truth> / Korea / Theater Margot, Creative Performing Arts Institute
<The Mutts> Korea / KKAMANG
<The maids> Korea/ pureundal
<Nam Do> Korea / Theatre Company Jang Ja Bunduk
<Foolish> Korea / Creative culture group [Gongter-DA]
<In the rain> Korea / Inc. Culture Production DOMO
<Cheoyong, Odyssey> Korea / Theratre Soosoofavori
<King Claudius> Korea / The Theater company WONDER Alice
<Love & Tap>
<Outskirt of a jester>
<Scent of love>
<Parkjinsin mime monologue - life is beautiful!>
<Everyday with you>
<My story of value>
<Bubble artist on the street Bubblemax>
<Greent's Imaginist>
<Let's PLAY>
<MORI concert - play>
<The music on the road>
<Me, how much am I?>
<Real K-pop!>
<Exorcism dance with Barah cymbal>
<Jumping Men>
<Percussion performance 'IN SU HWA PUNG'>
<The Film-You are a Performer>
<Super Grasshopper>
<Shining star>
- BIPAF ZONE : An interactive place for internal and external performers
- BIPAF Workshop : Physical theater training by famous artists from abroad
- Barrier-Free : Performing arts programs for the disabled
- Busan Theater Camp for Youth (the end of July)