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The 13th Busan Internationl Performing Arts Festival. 2016
NAME The 13th Busan International Performing Arts Festical, 2016
Duration May 6th(Fri)~15th(Sun) 10days
Venues Busan Cultural Center (MainㆍMediumㆍSmall Hall) / BusanCitizens Hall (Small Hall) / Busan Art Center / Haneol baramTheater / Nada Theater / Yongcheon Jiral Theater
Participation 7 Performances from home and abroad / 17 Korean Performancesfor competition / 12 Performances for Fringe Stage
Russia, France, Georgia, Italy, Japan and Korea
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Organizer Busan International Performing Arts Festival Committee
Support Ministry of Culture, 2015 - 2016 the year of Korean-Francereciprocal exchanges
Festival Construction
Opening & Closing Ceremony
Opening & Closing Performance, Opening Reception, Celebrated performances
Main Program
- BIPAF GO World Festival
- BIPAF Dynamic Fringe
- Celebrating Performace ( An open-air performance, The grand prize-awarded in the 34th Busan Performing Arts Festival)
CONCEPT Opening Performance <The Maids> Russia / Roman Viktyuk Theatre
Closing Performance <Ruy Blas> France / Les Moutons Noirs
<L'avare> France / Les Moutons Noirs
<Faust> Korea / Theatre Haddangse
<The Mad Man's Diary> / Georgia&Italy / Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and Emilia Romagna TeatroFondazione Co-Prodution
<Des Amours> France / Les Moutons Noirs
<The Cherry Orchard> Japan / CHITEN
Go World Festival <We are like this...> Korea / Theater Maumgachi
<Self Portrait> Korea / Triangle Lab
<Sudden rush of anger> Korea / Beta Project
<Le Malade imaginaire> Korea / Theatre Compny Musimchun
<Dear Son> Korea / Creative Group Choc 24
<The Small Door Factory> Korea / Dalnara-Dongbaekkot
<When sugar melts...> Korea / Headleg
<Modern requiem-ssitgim> Korea / Geukakmudo
<Returns Park Chum-Ji> Korea / Theatre compny SaniNeomeo
<White Circle-One law for the poor and another for the rich> Korea / Theatre
<MONKEY DANCE> Korea / Ggiriproject & Theater
<ROMEO-THE SSITGIM> Korea / Parandal Theater company
Marionette Concert / People who become zombie / Hi fireman / Are you happy, Jang yu? / Gwangan Improvisation /NINJA / Hannele / Musical Blow Off Steam / Edge of a life / Dongnae-Yaryu / This like 3 / Chauffeur service /[Music]SWAG / [Music]EGGI / [Performance]Salgoce / BIPAF Finale
<Festival of spirit> France&Japna&Korea / Salgoce
<Gale> Korea / BAMUNSA
Public Participating Program
- 10 Minute Open Plays : Public Participating Contest (General Public / University Students Majoring Performing Arts)
- BIPAF ZONE (Outdoor stage located in Gwangalli Beach)
- Artist Talk : An atmosphere of communication between casts and audiences
- Art Market : Performing arts professionals could meet and share their ideas