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The 17th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2020
Event Name The 17th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2020
Duration September 25th, 2020 (Fri) ~ 27th (Sun) [3days]
Venues BIPAF website, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo(Non-face-to-faceperformances will be held at Hotel Hyggelig rooftop to broadcastlive performances through the above online platforms.
Participation 1 Invitational performance,
2 Celebrating performances,
6 Competition performances,
4 Regional Challenge performances
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Supervision Busan International Performing Arts Festival Organizing Committee
Sponsor KNN Foundation, the Korea Exchange (KRX), BNK Busan Bank, Kyobo Life
Composition of the festival
Opening·Closing ceremony
Celebration performances, Opening·Closing performance, Opening reception
Performance Program
- Invitational Performance : Invitational performance
- Celebrating Performance : Celebration performances for Opening·Closing ceremony
- Dynamic Street : Street competition program
- The Regional Win-win Challenge "Cheer-up Busan!" : The regional performing arts companies participation program in Busan
<The Seagull> Busan Metropolitan Theatre Company (Korea)
<The Painting> Animation Crew (Korea)
<Fantastic Acrobatic> Theater Free (Philippines)
<MYSTERIOUS>, <The Spirit Of The Fire>, <ALIVE SHOW>, <Shed-the warriors of smell of India ink>, <Sound Mix>, <MAGIC PARK>
The Regional
Win-win Challenge
<Pun And Fun Show>, <Namaste Show!!>, <Jugglman Show>, <Chosun's First Circus BunamsaDang>