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The 18th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2021
Event Name The 18th Busan International Performing Arts Festival, 2021
Duration 11.06.2021 (Fri) ~ 20.06.2021 (Sun) <10days>
Venues Busan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre / Online Platform: YouTube, Naver TV
Participation Invitational Performances: 12 (Internationals:10, Domestics:2), Street Competition: 8, The Regional Win-win Challenge: 4, 10 Minutes Open Plays: 24 (Non-contact Civic Participant Program)
Belgium, US, Germany, Japan, Italy, Argentina, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea <nine countries>
Host Busan Metropolitan City
Supervision Busan International Performing Arts Festival Organizing Committee, Busan Cinema Haneulyon Theatre, Gyeongnam Provincial Arts Company
Support KRX, BNK Busan Bank, Kyobo, Ko In Beom flower delivery
Composition of the festival
Opening·Closing Performances
Composition of performance program
- Invitational Performance
- Dynamic Street
- the Regional Win-win Challenge
- 10 minute Open Plays
<Comic Martial Arts Performance “JUMP”> JUMP (Korea) / Opening Performances
<TojiⅠ> Gyeongnam Provincial Arts Company (Korea) / Closing Performances
<The Forgotten Land> Point Zero (Belgium)
<JETLAG> Chaliwate (Belgium)
<HOME> Geoff sobelle (United States)
<Finale> Analog (Germany)
<V.O.G.O.T> CIA DUO MASAWA (Italy·Argentina)
<Life ∞ Hope> DoubleV (Taiwan·Malaysia)
<Hiraku> YoYo Performer Hiraku (Japan)
<Hat Shop> idio2 (Japan)
<Super Breakdance> Syogyo Mujo Brothers (Japan)
<Red Magic Tale> Kamimaro (Japan)
Street (Korea)
<Golbin: Episode Namwon> Bubblygumps
<Golbin> MavelousMotion
<Spring Time> Clown Zero
<ANIWHERE> slowstep:youth pick-up project
<Why is empty ball so pretty?> Theater Gadeuk
<AMAZING SHOW> Namu the magician
< Worldtravle [Link, Forget] by Alternative gugak group Choa> Alternative gugak group Choa
the Regional Win-win Challenge
<Dancetheater : Harlf An Hour Before The Disciplinary Committe Meets> JB THEATER
<Macbeth> Double Stage
<Bartlevy, the Scrivener> Theater Company BAMUNSA
<Fantastic Catroon> FANPL
10 minute Open Plays General Publics / University Major Students