My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha

My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha

TitleMy Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha
Production CompanyUn Project Group
TimeMay 2nd at 19:30-20:00-20:30-21:00 / 3rd at 18:00-18:30-19:00-19:30 / 4th at 19:00-19:30-20:00-20:30
Age restrictionRated PG-11
Running time30minute
VenueYeno Hall of KyungSung University
My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha

A participatory play that is built upon interaction with the audience, it tells the story of our mothers, mothers’ mothers, and daughters who will be mothers some day!
One day, the daughter of Cha Jungsuk receives a letter from her mother 10 years after having been abandoned by her. The letter reads: "Cha Jungsuk, she did enjoy herself in this world." The story follows the mother, Cha Jungsuk into her daily life. In appearance, her life is outwardly simple and yet internally complicated. Betraying her age, she acts naive like a child. Despite the complications she has faced in life, she appears emotionally trapped in a time that greatly precedes the present. This arrested development is displayed in her childlike whims and temperament. Realizing her lack of awareness, the audience must face the issue for her and ask: Has she ever achieved her own dream?

My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha will keep audiences engaged by calling on them to be part of the performance! My Mom, Jungsuk and Mrs. Cha is told through the eyes of the mother. However, the play speaks to the interconnectedness, not restricted by gender, that binds all people together one generation at a time.

Notice : Can not enter after the house-open

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