A Rhapsody of Shanghai Bund

A Rhapsody of Shanghai Bund

TitleA Rhapsody of Shanghai Bund
Production CompanyZephyr international Art & Culture Company
TimeAll Performance at 20:00
Age restrictionRated PG-14
Running time90minute
VenueYeno Hall of KyungSung University
A Rhapsody of Shanghai Bund

Love takes timing.
This is a rhapsody of twisted love!
I must take time to consider whom I will love forever, and who will love me without end.
Love is not as simple as it looks. When somebody loves you, you might not reciprocate. On the contrary, when you love somebody, that love may go unrequited. It is a dilemma to find somebody whom I will love and who will love me for the entirety of my life.

Born in the 1980s, writer Chen Xiaotuan is a representative of “Generation Next.” His work speaks of the difficulties in life and love. This is a mass trying to define love, seeking sincere love and struggling to maintain a constant love. Only complicating this search is the framework of love we’ve constructed from novels. Xiaotuan has incorporated the story of Shanghai Bund in the 1900s, a bustling international financial hub located in central Shanghai. This show plays out the complex emotions surrounding true love, differentiating love found between the pages and love out of the reality of everyday.

Notice : Can not enter after the house-open

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