fragments du désir

The closing performance
fragments du désir

Titlefragments du désir
CountryBrasil / France
Production CompanyDos à Deux
TimeMay 8th 18:00 / 9th 20:00 / 10th 19:00
Age restrictionRated PG - 18
Running time85minute
VenueMain Hall of Busan Cultural Center
Ticket1st floor 25,000won / 2nd floor 20,000won
fragments du désir

Desire: the word itself often carries a nuance of the forbidden. What do we desire? Can a deeper understanding be abstracted from our desires that speak to who we are? How do they speak to who we want to be?
Through the complicated tapestry woven from the ties among a father, son, Olga the governess, and Orlando, the predicament comes to light. That predicament is both abstract and familiar. That predicament is one of love, lust, loss and the search to define one’s self.
fragments du désir is the latest production from the Brazilian artistic team Artur Ribeiro and Andre Curti. A highly stylized work of physical theatre, “dialogue” is delivered through meticulous movement, command of fascinating props, interaction with luscious stage designs and dissolving into enchanting, atmospheric sounds.
fragments du désir is unsettling for the relevant issues it presents and sensational for the ways in which they are presented. It is a paradox that takes living nightmares and plays them out in a “waking dream.” fragments du désir is equal parts beauty, tragedy and mirror to our own desirous pursuits.

Notice : Can not enter after the house-open
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