The Grandmother’s Old Storage

The Grandmother’s Old Storage

TitleThe Grandmother’s Old Storage
Production CompanyJapari Research Institute
TimeMay 5th at 11:00-14:00 / 6th at 16:00 / 7th at 14:00-16:30
Age restrictionRated PG - 3
Running time50minute
VenueSmall Hall of Busan Citizen's Hall
The Grandmother’s Old Storage


Hobum, a 10 year-old boy, his younger sister Suzie, and their cousin, Youngsim, visit their grandmother’s house in the countryside. Lacking amusement, they sneak into their grandmother’s old storage after she has fallen asleep.


The storage is dusty and filled with relics of the past. Tucked away in a small corner, the children happen across the old diary of Hobum and Suzie’s dad. Unbeknownst to them, their father’s childhood years in the 1970s-80s were a time filled with poverty. Regardless, he led a very happy life created out of love shared between his family and community.


Opening the pages, the audience along with the children, will fall into the stories of their dad’s past and begin an enchanted journey into his childhood that has gone quietly undiscovered- until now…


Not only for children, whole families can enjoy this performance with many creative props and set designs inspired by a pop-up cartoon book. With every page flipped, nostalgia from your childhood will become interwoven with the memories-in-progress of your own children strengthening the love and bond between the two generations.

Notice : Can not enter after the house-open
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