Musical SO NA GI

Closing Performance
Musical SO NA GI

TitleMusical SO NA GI
Production CompanySe-Jong Cultural Center Inc.,Seoul Metropolitan Ci
TimeWed / Thur19:30
Age restrictionChildren under 8 will not be permitted
Running time1Hour 50Min
VenueBusan Cultural Center (Main Theater)
Ticket1fl. 25,000KW / 2fl 20,000KW

This play is based on a literary short-story about Korean modernism. The short-story was written by Hwang, Soon Won, one of the most famous Korean creative writers.

This story is about the puppy love between a young boy and girl who meet by a stream near their village. One day, they are caught in a summer rain shower. The young boy carries the girl back to the village where they arrive soaking wet. After this day, the boy does not see the girl for a very long time. He wonders where she has gone until his parents tell him that she has died one day before moving to the city.
While this story is commonly known throughout Korea, the visual effects in this performance will present a new look and will be extremely visually appealing. With enhanced lighting and stage design, the performance appears as if it is a beautiful watercolor painting. Audiences will be mesmerized by the real-life rain shower and stream on stage. 

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