Musical The Great Catsby

Musical The Great Catsby

TitleMusical The Great Catsby
Production CompanyDa-On Communication, Ja-Geun Mudae
TimeWeekdays 19:30/ Sat 15:00, 19:00/ Sun, National Holiday 14:00, 18:00
Age restrictionchildren under age 15 will not be permitted
Running time1hour 50min
VenueConcert Hall in Kyung-Sung Uni.
TicketR Seat 50,000KW / S Seat 40,000KW

Well-made Original Korean Musical The Great Catsby

Originally a comic book. this play is about a love triangle with a twist between a group of passionate young adults.

Catsby, Hound and Perisue are college friends. Catsby and Perisue become lovers but after graduation when Catsby is unable to find work, Perisue begins to worry about her future and ends their relationship. She marries Brudog, a prosperous man, even though she is still in love with Catsby. Catsby meanwhile starts a relationship with Sun who devotes her unconditional love to Catsby. However, Catsby can not commit himself fully to Sun because of his undying love for Perisue. Both relationships become strained when Catsby and Perisue's true feelings for each other are exposed. Things are further complicated for Perisue when Brudog learns she is pregnant with another man's child.
Meanwhile, Hound has begun an affair with a married woman. After learning that she is interested in only a physical relationship, Hound is heartbroken. He attempts suicide a number of times before he finally comes to terms with his true feeling for Catsby.
This play emphasizes the passion and heartbreak in the lives of three twenty-something friends and how this kind of love can only really be felt by those of the same age. 

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