Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits

Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits

TitleExit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits
Production CompanyNola Rae London Mime Theater Company
TimeSun, Mon 18:00
Age restrictionAll Ages welcome
Running time1 Hour 15Min
VenueKyung-Sung Uni. Ye No Small Theater
TicketAdult 15,000KW/ Children 10,000KW

A retreating army cook drags himself unsteadily through the mud. Alone and abandoned, he has no idea where he is going. He is just going.

A campaign tent lies in his path. He staggers straight through it. He should have kept going, but something draws him back. There is something strange about this tent....a bed, a greatcoat, the imperial bee symbol, a strange looking hat.....

As he rummages, he finds he is no longer lost. He finds himself rehearsing a new and dangerous role.....

All he needs is murderous charisma, rustless iron will and a cheese grater.

Peppered with oblique references to short despots, Nola Rae"s latest wordless, comic drama sees the clown follow a well worn trail towards absolote power and absolute disaster.

(The title refers to an embarrassing episode in Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's life)

Nola Rae is and international artist who has toured to 64 countries to date with her blend of comic physical theatre, dance, puppetry and controlled lunacy.

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