Hwansaeng Shinhwa

Hwansaeng Shinhwa

TitleHwansaeng Shinhwa
Production CompanyMAG Theater Company
TimeMon 18:00 / Tue 19:30
Age restriction12 years or older
Running time1hr 30min
VenueBusan Cultural Center Medium Hall
TicketAdult 15,000KW/ Children 10,000KW

A Korean family portrait of an argument that develops overs the inheritance of their dead father. This argument gets so heated that the family fails to notice that their own mother dies in the process. Everything becomes a disaster.

The meaning of "an incarnation myth" is derived from the greed and selfishness that never ends and is reincarnated into one's next life. This story is based on the Guem Oh myth. The director hopes to show the true form and rationality behind modern families and does through a semi self representation of his own family.

The director wrote this story based on his own family's path and portrays each one of his family members, his mother, his father, his siblings, somewhere in the play.

Because this is such a personal story, the director hopes that the audience will take what meaning they can from the play and not judge the life of one realistic family. 

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