Robert’s Dream

Closing Performance
Robert’s Dream

TitleRobert’s Dream
Production CompanyTheatre DEREVO
TimeMon 20:00 / Tue 19:30
Running time90min
VenueBusan Cultural Center Medium Hall
Ticket1F 30,000KW / 2F 20,000KW


We are not confident of anything but something makes us live our lives together. We believe that ancient books and friendship with animals are important; that the horizon is always at your feet, and the sky begins right from the ground (DEREVO)."

The current members of the group avoid the words theater, actor, acting; rather they regard their work as an awareness of a person's existence. The members of DEREVO believe that man holds his head down. They also believe in the importance of: the crawling of an infant; the beginning of a movement; the beginning of a sound; immobility; dreams; the equilibrium of a sleepwalker. They realize that man lives in a permanent state of war with the world which gave birth to him and that he's losing this war every moment; that man lives a short and brutal life; that there are people who have found peace and who lead beautiful and eternal lives, but their voices are quiet.


"Robert’s Dream" is the story of a long dress called Robert. The dress is in love with Squirrel, a brave paper airplane pilot. The dress has neither arms to be a boxer, nor legs to dance. It values people according tothroats andreads books about Indians. The dress is dreamingquicksilver and the shattered glass watch. It is squeamish and arrogant. It doesn't want to be like DEREVO. Its blood is wine and it believes it can speak French. Actually this performance is the same charming and well-thought-out actnight riverboat trip a pair of lovers takes beneathrain. Simple jazz pours out of the radio. This song will roam my heart till the end of my days, becausemy lips are wet and water runs under my collar. It seems to me I see dreams no more, or my life has turned into a dream. 

Press Cuttings 

"...The performances of DEREVO are alarmingly anarchist and therefore are in refreshing contrast with well calculated chaos we experience in plays of the western groups..."

Michael Morris, "Summer scene Review", Salzburg

"In the presence of the actors on stage that you find truth"

Elena Karas', Festival Journal "Golden Mask"

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