Musical In Dang's Blues

Musical In Dang's Blues

TitleMusical In Dang's Blues
Production CompanyPime Communications
TimeSat 15:00 / Sun 14:00, 17:00
Running time100min
VenueBusan Cultural Center Medium Hall
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


The euphoric anticipation of love. The classical Korean musical

This musical is an exquisite mixture of the famous stories of Chun Hyang and Shim Chung.

These classical pieces are interpreted in a unique way which will entertain and astonish the audience.

This performance is a savory love song.

The value of love with patience and innocence

How many people understand the clear definition of true love. Especially when we live in a time where disposable love is present. This performance will show Chun Hyang’s love for her blind father as well as her love for Mong Ryong. The performance shows the essence of love, patience and the innocence of young generations who are so used to easy love, intolerant love and forgettable love.

Exquisite combination of Pansori (Korean traditional narrative song) with Rap.

"Tradition has universal value which transcends eras. I hope that audiences can see the true value of traditional Korean music and Pansori which makes us feel deep emotions (Choi Sung Sin)". In this performance modernelements such as rap and western musical songs are blended with traditional Korean music and dance. This combination greatly enhances the traditional songs. Despite people’s stereotypes about the conservative nature of traditional Korean music, it is beautifully blended with western musicals. This performance results in the rejuvenation of Pansori with a simple and pleasant story line which will impress upon the audiences emotions.

There exist many fascinating elements in this musical such as puppetering and the humor of the performers.

The combination of these two elements will heighten the quality of the performance. There are several small characters within the performance which make the tragic love story between the two main characters more dramatic. These characters will invoke bursts of laughter from the audience. These small characters lead the love story with their energetic and dynamic acting. The presence of an actor whoplays multiple roles and the skillful puppetering provide a unique and entertaining dynamic to the performance


I opened my mind and started to love somebody how can I close that down again.

This performance takes place on a fine spring day with love in the air. The beautiful Chun Hyung takes care of her aging blind father. She soon falls in love with Mong Ryong who is the son of district magistrate. Their love for one another quickly grows strong but they are soon separated for a long time. She hasnt heard from her love since he left in order to take the state examination. Mong Ryong vowed to continue to love Chun Hyung despite their distance. A new district magistratenamed Byun Hakdo is elected into office. He is a lonely and nihilistic man. Byun Hakdo developsa compassionate sense of love for Chun Hyung.

Press Cuttings 

"The musical Indang Su Love Song is the epitome of fusion musical (Se Gye Ilbo)." "An adaptation from an old classic to a new performance which soars to new heights (Ticket Link)." "A novel reinterpretation of a well-known classic (Maeil Gyung Je)." "Bizarre fusion ‘Korean musical’. The rebirth of a classic (The Korean daily news)." 

The Company 

Pime Communications is known for being a well respected company who shares a love for culture, art, the passion of artists and desire to be at the forefront of the cultural world. This company is devoted to presenting the value of performing arts to the public. They recognize the increasing importance of developing original content and its effects inleading the cultural world. 

Main Staff 

Director : Choi Sung Sin

Musical Director : Shim Gyung Mi

Choreographer : Lee You Mi

Performers : Lee Ji Eun, Gang Yoon Jung, Kim Seung Dae, Go Seung Soo, Nam Moon Cheol,
------------- Jo Joo Hyun, Lee Sang Eun, Lee Dong Jae, Kim Seung Un, Go Seo Hee,
-------------Oh Dae Hwan, Jung Sang Hee, Park Ji Young, Lee Sang Hwa,

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