Extreme Romeo and Juliet

Extreme Romeo and Juliet

TitleExtreme Romeo and Juliet
Production CompanyTheatrical Company Ensemble
TimeSat 19:00 / Sun 15:00, 18:00
Running time70min
VenueBusan Citizen Hall Big Theater
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


Wheels endlessly circle. And love is eternal. To be with one’s eternal love, the wheel will continuously roll. "Extreme Romeo and Juliet" is the start of a long, exciting unending journey.
The two keywords for "Extreme Romeo and Juliet" are, naturally, “extreme” and “Romeo and Juliet. 
”The former represents the feeling, “extreme” and “extreme sports,”that embodies the mood of the play and 
the cultural trend of the modern times, and the latter represents the “artistic value” and “true love” 
in the eternal classic "Romeo and Juliet". 
The company reorganized the eternal classic, "Romeo and Juliet", to be suitable to the modern sense. 
They moderated lines as much as possible, but the setting will be filled with the extreme sports, 
the trend among modern young people. This type of performance will cross language and cultural differences to give 
the same unbridled excitement and delight to the audiences from all over the world. 

Whenever the 2500-year-old Greek plays or classical Western plays like those by Shakespeare or others

written during the Renaissance are performed, one of the most necessary but difficult tasks is to build the

theme for the performance that will cross time and place and to give the play a suitable and timely form or mode.

The "Extreme Romeo and Juliet" by the Theatrical Company Ensemble, which was directed by Kim, Jin Man

and performed at the Haneul Theater, the outdoor theater of the National Theater of Korea, from the middle of July,

was a dazzling performance that resolved the said requirements on “timeliness”

in the performance of a Western classic play.

Lee, Hyun Woo (Professor of the College of Language and Literature at Sooncheonhyang University /

Major in English and American plays and Shakespeare) / Theater In Seoul, September 2005.

The Company 

[NG Ensemble], which was established on February 1, 2000 to produce only the best performances to

greet the new millennium, has now changed its name to “Theatrical Company Ensemble.” It has taken to

perform further creative activities under its goal of “realization of free imagination through a harmonious

community” on May 9, 2004.

The Theatrical Company Ensemble actively engages in the open production method and gathers the help

and participation of leading experts in the various aspects of production to continuously come up with the

best performances.

Main Staff 

Director: Kim Jin Man

Costume Designer: Jang Keum Shin

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