Ba Ri De Gi

Ba Ri De Gi

TitleBa Ri De Gi
Production CompanyDong Nyuk Theater Company
TimeSun 15:00,18:00 / Mon, Tues 20:00 .
Running time90min
VenueBusan Citizen Hall Small Theater
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


The winner of the Young Ensemble Theater Award in 2006 at the Milyang Summer Performing Art Festival.
This adaptation of the traditional mask theater "Bar Ri Dae Gi" is harmonized with comedy and tragedy.

Great harmony of comedy and tragedy.
This performance has comedy in tragedy and tragedy in comedy. The comedy and tragedy have traditional been separated in the theatrical field but in this performance these two themes coexist. Like traditional Korean mask theater actors, these performers use a humorous acting style with an underlying feeling of sadness.

Themodernization of traditional form
Bar Ri Dae Gi adapted the form of traditional mask theater. King Ogu and Mrs. Gildae are wearing masks for their wedding ceremony while performing, using an exaggerated acting style. The part of the narrator is performed by a woman who represents the Korean version of death.

Various scenes which stimulate our five senses

ㆍMusical Instruments: All five actors play musical instruments.

ㆍMeta-drama: The ghosts in the theater play perform another performance within the main performance.

ㆍPuppet Play: Only the scene which the six daughters of King Ogu are presented will be performed through this style of theater.

ㆍA luminous paint: Using this paint on a white mask and an umbrella will make this performance more fantastic.

ㆍCloth performance: The use of long, white cloths will symbolize the scene of a woman in labor and the birth of a newborn as well as a ship.


Under the busy city traffic lights the Lady Death crosses the intersection and explains to the audience the purpose of her presence. She has come to capture dead people who have eluded her grasp in order to avoid going to the underworld. Among the dead souls she spots blind Bar Ri Dae Gi who is still living but who walks among the dead. The Death Lady wonders why Bar Ri Dae Gi remains among the dead people. In order to find out the answer to this question they travel together to the past. The Death Ladylearns that Bar Ri Dae Gi was abandoned by her family. Despite this hardship Bar Ri Dae Gi has turned out to be good person and continued to love her parents. Years later she leaned that her parents were dying from a deadly disease. In hopes of saving them she remains with the dead souls in order to go to the underworld to find a special medicine that can save the life of her parents. The dead souls that remained with her under the traffic lights hear her story and try to switch her life and the medicine. Unfortunately her parents were already dead and had crossed the river which would lead them to the entrance of the underworld. Bar Ri Dae Gi hadn’t noticed that her parents were already dead because she wasn’t able to see their bodies because of her lack of vision. Bar Ri Dae Gi later meets a ghost who doubts her intentions to save her parents. The ghost tricks her and tells her that he will lead her to the underworld. Unbeknownst to her the ghost is testing her to see if she truly desires to save the very parents who had abandoned her so many years ago. 

Press Cuttings 

The performance Bar Ri Dae Gi is well combined with a sense of modernism.

"The rebirth of Bar Ri Dae Gi that has Korean sadness inside with a sense of modernism. The most distinctive feature of this theater is that it revealsthe elements of the excitement of Koreans and the elements of stimulating Koreans ‘Han’ " (Kuk Je Newspaper).

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