B-Boy performance "Spin Odyssey"

B-Boy performance "Spin Odyssey"

TitleB-Boy performance "Spin Odyssey"
Production CompanySiwol Network
TimeSun 14:00, 17:00 / Mon-Wed 20:00
Running time60min
VenueKyungsung University (Concert Hall)
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW
Websiteclub.cyworld.com/spinodyssey, www.lastforone.co.kr


New Challenge of the world best b-boy crew ‘Last For One’.

They have created a new myth among b-boys.

This performance is expressed by the b-boys emotional and physical acting based on Greek myths.

This performance will demonstrate life and happiness, love and adventure, challenge and passion through the b-boys creative dance. It is based on the stories of the Trojan War and "The Odyssey". The story will be led by unlimited and unbelievable physical acting of the b-boys (Spin Odyssey).

- l New version of a great myth by b-boy crew ‘Last for One’ will make audiences laugh through their humor and wit.

- l B-boys combine mythological concepts with their own liberal expression.

- l Last For One challenged great these myths not only through b-boying but also through great acting.

- l Exquisitely harmonizes fantastic music, images and b-boying.


This fabulous epic set in the music town of Apollon and the adventures of Odyssey heroes who are looking for the mysterious ball spin. Odyssey and the other heroes were heading back home after winning the Trojan war when they received the spin-ball which contains the hope of life, dream and happiness from Apollon,who is the god of sun and music. Apollon delivers the oracle which states that without the spin-ball they can never return home. The heroes of this tale become obsessed with protecting the spin-ball because it is the compass which will guide them home. Suddenly the mythological world becomes like the real world. During their travels they meet a cleaner, a sly homeless man, a clumsy postman, a drag-queen and a witty magician. These characters make our heroes adventure very humorous and comical. The fantastic music and magnificent images result in a fresh and fascinating style which elevates Last For Ones dancing and acting to higher level. 

Press Cuttings 

he worlds best b-boy’s , Last for One, made British audiences wild with enthusiasm. According to Salema Khanum, one of the members of the audience, "the Korean b-boy performed unbelievably difficult moves with relative ease". Last for One have just finished their two month overseas tour through Japan, England, China, USA. They have returned home to begin a long term domestic tour which begins in June. 

The Company 

Siwol Network
The basic principle of this team is that their unique style will provide the audiences with a more meaningful experience. They focus their efforts on providing a rich cultural environment through a combination of the clever use of space and profound visual stimuli.


Solgang Bricklane
They have had a lot of experience performing with several street performers with the hopes making Korean culture more advanced. They participated in the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with the show entitled "MyoSung-Street Dance 2006." Solang Bricklane believe that through their efforts they can not only improve youth culture here in Korea but have the ability to change the world through their hard work and determination.

Last For One

Last For One were the winners of Battle Of The Year also known as the B-Boy’s World Cup.

By winning this title they gained national recognition and have represented Korea in various international competitions. All the members of this crew come from Jeonju. They started to dance when they were teenagers and ten years later reached the top of the b-boy worldThese b-boys continue to be very active both in Korean and abroad.

Main Staff 

Directing and Playwriting : Kim Jin Man

Music : Kin Min Soo

Choreography : Cheon Chang Hoon

Wardrobe : Kim In Ok

Visual Director : Kim Hae Min

Performers : Jo Sung Gook, Seo Joo Hyun, Kim Jin Ook , Park Kyung Hoon, Lee Yong Joo,
Choi Dong Yul, Jeon Hyo Min, Choi Min Suk, Bae Byung Yub, Shin Young Suk,
------------- Choi Bak Kyu, Lee Woo Jin.

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