In the War

In the War

TitleIn the War
Production CompanyTheater M.I.Z.I
Running time90min
VenueBusan Cultural Center Small Hall
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


A dramatic irony which invokes both laughter and a sense of panic.
The original work by Fernando Arabal is presented in the third person perspective.
This performance is about the Korean War.

A tranquil walk to the gorge of hope and despair.
– A brutal war reported by pure innocence.

There are no metaphors or symbols of war in this performance. The goal of this performance is to discuss the issue of the tragedy of war using a direct and straightforward approach. This honest representation of war reveals the absurdity of reality. Our reality is the history of our nightmares. The reality which exists in this performance analyzes our own reality in a very cynical way. This performance demonstrates the seriousness of war. The director uses the tranquil walk of the children and their obnoxious, innocent behavior in order to emphasize the absurdities of war. The result of this contrast can be quite shocking for the audience. This atrocity is reemphasized through a brutal game.

We have to hold our selves in contempt,and direct our hatred inwardly. We have to come to terms with our prolonged history of evil acts. Efforts must me madeto prevent these atrocities from occurring again. The outbreak of war must never be allowed to occur again. In all reality this message will be ignored and we will continue to fuel the machine of war. This is our history and no one can question or disprove these violent episodes from our past.

The distinctive feature of this theater is the contrast between laughter and panic. Laughter can evoke the cruelest of tragedies. Panic will be demonstrated at the end of the performance. We will suddenly recognize after spending time dancing, playing games and singing songs that what we drank was our flesh and blood, and where we danced was in the middle of a mine field.


A lucid awareness

ㆍIn the past : During the Korean War my father fled North Korea along with his parents. He also participated in the Vietnamese War. He was forced to participate in both of these wars. It was not his will do so but the situation demanded his involvement both of these wars.

ㆍIn the present : The Korean War, The Gulf War, tensions between Iran/ Iraq and Turkey, Israel / Palestine, Turkey/ Greece, Bosnia/Serbia, Pakistan/ India, Check Republic/ Slovakia, England/ Argentina, Korea/ Japan, Spain/ Basque Separatist Group, England/ Northern Ireland, China/ Russia, USA/ Iraq, USA/ Afghanistan, USA/ North Korea, Russia / Chechnya, East Timor, North Korea/ South Korea and husband/ wife, brothers/ sisters, parents/ children, murder, heritage, domestic disputes, brutal fighting within sport and finally assimilation war games. Today we continue to choose war as a way to settle our differences.

ㆍIn the future : The Korean War, water deficiency, pollution, natural disasters, asteroids, the explosion of the sun, and nuclear weapons. What kind of life will await our children and future generations?


The Korean War is part of our past, present and future.

This performance takes place at the forefront of a modern day battle. One character by the name Ja Bong is slightly mentally disabled. He is ordered to work in the bunkers at all times. As a result he feels extremely lonely and bored. He struggles to cope with his solitude, and overcome his boredom. He does so by knitting sweaters and reciting the Lord’s Prayer. One weekend,Ja Bong’s parents come to pay him a visit. Ja Bong was so worried about the battle and tries to send his parents home in order to keep them safe. His parents on the other hand feel quit safe and want to stay. The parents have a great time visiting their son. They eat great meals, hear fascinating stories and meet a foreign journalist. They even capture a terrorist by the name of Jae Bong and get their picture taken with him.

Later that day there was a huge explosion in the area. After the explosion the medic arrives expecting to find wounded and dead soldiers,but none were to be found. After the medic left, the soldiers agree to stop fighting in order to bring an end to the war. They begin drinking wine, which Ja Bong had made, and dancedtogether. Suddenly shooting and bombing from the enemy killed them all. This is a harsh reminder of the tragedies of death and warfare that occurred so many years ago during the holiday celebrations. People with the innocence of little children tranquilly walked to the battlefield that day.

Press Cuttings 

Brutal comedy. "Picnic Game in the battlefield"

"Dear Lord, let the field be covered with the pale patriotic corpses. Let the comfortable home be burned by a sheet of flames….."
The war scarred our existence and destroyed the trust in their countries. As a result the population was traumatizedbut nobody tried to heal these scars. The satirical play-write Arabal makes the audience re-discover the paradox of war. These paradox’s often go unnoticed because they are absorbed into our daily lives. Arabal uses cynicism to show these paradox’s.

The Company 

This company is one of the many smalltheatrical groups in Busan who are looking to find modern theaters identity. The power of the theater company comes from the strength of the actors themselves. The future success of modern theater relies heavily on the quality of its actors. Theater provides a place where the elements of our reality are heightened. The theater represents our past, present and future. The M.I.Z.I. theater performs a dual reality focusing on hope and despair. Therefore, they make every effort to find impeccable timing, and harmonize comedy andtragedy. The most important part of creation is searching and reporting the motivation and the results of hope and despair. Audiences are meant to listen and focus on the actors movements in order to allow them to see the world through the actor’s perspective. However several Korean theatrical groups often choose to present an easy story performed in a basic form in order to be favored by the people. The M.I.Z.I theater strives to perform in a style which does not sacrifice theirartistic integrity. The aim of the M.I.Z.I theater is to invoke thought in the audience and to change some of the common stereotypes found in our society. The city of Busan is a great location to perform because it is a place which respects and shares a love for the arts. The M.I.Z.I Theater believes that art will continue to be a powerful median of communication in the future. The city of Busan will emerge as one of the great centers for modern art and theater. 

Main Staff 

Original Work : Fernando Arabal

Director : Yang Ji Woong

Assistant Director : Jung Eun Sun

Stage Director : Park Dong Jin

Wardrobe : Min Yun Shil

Technical Director : Shin Bong Suk

Sound Director : Lee Jae Suk

Performers : You Jae Myung, Jo Chang Joo, Moon Sung Mi, Kwon Woo Ram, Lee Yong Tak

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