Handcart, Overturned

Handcart, Overturned

TitleHandcart, Overturned
Production CompanyCorporal Theater Mom Gol
Running time90min
VenueKyungsung University Yeno Small Theater
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


The Corporal Theater Momggol embodies the gems of physical theater on the stage.
The Corporal Theater Momggol displays a cognitive performance of burning silence, glittering body and the filling and emptying of the mind.

Pure energy is spread across the stage

This performance displays the hardships of the Korean people during the 1970’s.  The handcart signifies the sweat and tears shed by the poor during these difficult times.  The combination of the hand cart and the realistic acting of the performers on the poor stage allow the audience to reflect on this difficult period in Korean history. 

We load the memories of hope and despair in the rickety hand cart.

This performance is made up of four distinctive chapters.  The first chapter is about moving, and shows common people hauling their belongings and personal possessions from place to place.  The second chapter focuses around the theme of poor love.  Despite the fatigue and struggles of the poor, their love for one another continues to be strong.  The poor love warms the hearts of these people.  The third chapter displays periods of strife and shows the true value and meaning of labor through the actions and tongues of the actors.  The final chapter is the festival, which never allows despair to overcome hope.  The festival enables the actors to overcome rejection by giving them strength and allows them to achieve reconciliation.

Actor’s and alive objects! Mom Gol, motive of never ending self-reflection.

"Our work is recalling the outcasted art that we have abandoned,

Our work, is enduring the risk which collapsed the border between intellect and intuition with the perspective of physical and aesthetic qualities.

These all come from the expansion of the body and will be met where the actors breath reaches."

The poor reminisce about times of innocence. 
In this performance the handcart is the image which represents poverty.  Through the shifting equilibrium and balance of the cart the performance displays dramatic movements and the transformation of images. This performance uses a minimal amount of props. The stage is filled with nothing but the actors white passion, burning silence and glaring eyes which glimmer with life. They perpetually dream and think with their bodies.  The poverty which kept us in the present has vanished and passed us by.  This performance makes us reminisce about these times of poverty.

The handcart represents the joys and sorrows of life is finally overturned
There is a cart in the far corner of an alley shrouded in darkness.  In the past it was very useful for the farmers during the harvest seasoned.  The children lovedto play around and ride in the cart.  The cart brought people together with its heavy loads that required the cooperation of people in the community.  When the hand cart is opened a man lifts his step and moves into the drama.  Everyone follows him and flows into the dream.  Only starving poorness remains behind on the cart.  In 1970 there’s a festival held for the poor which takesplace beneath a gloomy sky.  The strife of life remains behind at the end of the festival.  The handcart travels with these people from place to place around the world.  The cart finally comes to rest at the corner of the world.  It is at these places where the grievances of these people are heard. There despair is laughter and fragile hope. 

The Company 

Corporal Theater Mon Gol was founded in 2003.  Its debut performance was presented in 2003 and was named "Bul-ggol". In 2004 they performed "The Song Of The Beast", and in 2005 they presented "Orpheus"which was selected by The Seoul Art Market.  They have been invited to perform almost every year by several famous art festivals such as The Chuncheon International Mime Festival, The Masan International Theater Festival, The Vitamin Theater Festival and The Physical Theater Festival in 2006.  They have continued to showcase their abilities and demonstrate that they are the gem of physical theater.  The performance "Hand Cart Overturned" in particular is opening another great possibility for this theater company through the dynamic energy of these four actors. The intellectual interpretation of body and object is a distinctive feature of this theater.

Director Yoon Jong Yeon is the president of this company.  He began as a member of You Jin Gyu Ne Mom Jit Theater Company back in 1994.  He studied in England at the Ecole De Mime Corporal Dramatique.  He is currently one of the most promising young directors in the non-verbal field.In 2007 the theater company has an overseas project with The Dutch Theater Company Lunatic.  The title of the performance is "Ku-Do" and is sponsored by The Gwa Cheon Han Ma Dang Festival.  They also have a future project in June participating at The NDSM Festival in Amsteram and in July will participate in several festivals in Germany. 

Main Staff 

Director: Yoon Jong Yeon
Director of Music: Seo Hee Sung
Lighting: Kim Har Im
Performers: Min Gi, Kim Jeong Eun, Kim Jae Youn, Wi Sung Hee 

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