Production CompanyJeong Modum Theatre Company
TimeTue-Fri 20:00 / Sat 19:00 / Sun 15:00, 18:00
Running time100min
VenueActors Small Theatre
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


Love is an adaptation from the original play entitled "LUV" which won a Tony Award.

This play is more sorrowful than "Romeo And Juliet." "LUV"possesses qualities which

surpass those found in the original play "Romeo And Juliet."

Believe in the moment. Warning to true love and happiness. Everybody dreams of having a happy life and

finding true love but how many people have actually achievedthese things? People usually discover that they

have found these things only when its too late to possess them. An example of this is when people realize

the importance of having fresh air to breathe when they are underwater gasping for a single breath. People

often recognize the importance of their relationships with their parents after they have passed on to the next life.

It is only when healthy people turn sick that they recognize the value of good health. People spend most

of their lives searching long and far for the things that will make their lives complete. While on this quest they

lose sight that the very things which they seek already exist all around them. These concepts are all beautifully

portrayed in the fascinating performance "LUV."


It has been ten long years since Harry and Milt last saw each other.

They used to be the best of friends but have become strangers over the passing of the years.

Milt has a successful career and a busy social life. Harry on the other hand has yet to find his niche.

He has struggled find his place in life and has previously considered suicide.

Milt persuades Harry to search for a happier existence and to find love. Milt is married but devises a plan

for Harry to meet his bride with the hopes that they will fall in love. Everything goes according to plan and

Milts wife, Ellen, falls in love with Harry. The success of this plan delights Milt as he can now focus his

affections on his new lover. Months pass and Milt and Ellen have a chance meeting. At this time both Milt

and Ellen are recovering from their own failed relationships. Ellen and Harry were having problems with their

marriage and Milt had just ended his relationship with his lover. Milt and Ellen realize that they are destined t

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Delightful Love Guide for Modern Time Lovers

This story is about a character named Harry who has never found true love. Another character named

Milt is driven by love. The final character is named Ellen who is at on time in love with both of these men.

Harry and Milt reunite after ten years at college. At this time Harry is living in a depressed state and had

already considered suicide. Milt devises a plan where Harry will meet Milts wife with the hopes that these

two will fall deeply in love.The reason for this plan is that Milt has secretly found a new lover and wishes to be

with her instead of his wife. The plan works out flawlessly and Ellen and Harry soon fall in love and get married.


Harry and Milt are contrasting Characters. Harry appears to be in shambles.

He wears dirty old shoes and has messy hair. Milt on the other hand is a well put together individual.

He has achieved success in his job and wears fancy clothes and is well groomed.

The setting of this play is at the sea shore. The stage is covered with black cloth which represents the depths

of the ocean and is decorated with Christmas lights. Shadows of trees are cast in the foreground of the stage.

There is a single blue bench which sits facing the audience. The actors sit upon the bench while enjoying

there time at the seashore.

The scenes between Harry and Milt bring laughter to the audience. In particular the scenes of Harry’s seizure and

the scene of Milt putting makeup on Ellen’s face to impress Harry are audience favorites. The humor of these

scenes comes from the exaggerated acting and facial expressions of the actors. During the changing of scenes

a performer named Joe comes to the stage and performs songs about both love and hatred. His performance

provides a musical atmosphere as the actors sing along to Joe’s music.

This performance connects with those in the audience who have experienced a crisis in their relationships,

those who are in love and those who are falling in love. The goal of the performance is to draw the audience’s

attention to people’s constant desire for love through the story of these three characters. It is my hope that this

performance can serve as a guide for those who fall in love to easily and for those who break up to easily.

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