CountryPuerto Rico
Production CompanyU turn Dance Company
Running time70min
VenueBusan Citizen Hall (Small Theater)
TicketAdults 20,000KW / Children 15,000KW


In relationships of the heart the ebb and flow of the space between two people

can never truly be reconciled. In this piece the two characters seek to understand

this emotional space.


In relationships of the heart there exists and emotional gap which can never truly be filled.

This gap narrows and widens depending on the movement of the individual. If one tries to

get close they are pushed away and attempts to maintain separation results in being drawn in.

One of the intricacies of a relationship is the closeness felt during the relationship and the rapid

distance which forms when the relationship ends. Understanding this emotional gap is what

these two characters seek.

The Company 

Co-founded by Korean, Jung Woong Kim and Puerto Rican, Marion Ramirez.

In their work they bring together their extensive study and practice in improvisation

with their personal cultural sensibilities.

They aim to investigate how people's energy come together through movement and

physical (human) interactions.

A Brief History 

U turn Dance Company Founded in 2006.

April- May 2006- Democracy Park Theater / Pusan,South Korea

June 2006- Frying Pan Boat/ New York

September 2006- Miami Contemporary Dance Company, Garage Dance Series/ Miami

December 2006- National Theater of Korea/ Seoul, South Korea

March 2007- Democracy Park Theater/ Pusan, South Korea

Main Staff 

dancers/ Jung Woong Kim, Marion Ramirez

choreography collaboration/ Marion Ramirez, Jung Woong Kim

director/ Jung Woong Kim 

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