Opening Performance

Production CompanyFliegende Bauten
DateMay5 (Fri) 7:30pm, May6(Sat)7pm
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time60 minutes
VenueThe Medium Hall in The Busan Cultural Center
TicketGeneral: KRW 25,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 15,000

Participated in 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival ★★★★★
Herald Angel Award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
A fusion music circus combines one of the most uplifting kind of live music with circus and mime!

The Introduction of the Production 

This stunning, masterminded show combines excellent physical movement, vaudeville satire, visual projections, superb live music and brilliantly imaginative staging in a truly magical event.

What happens when eight true musicians from all over the world join forces with the charismatic singer, Momo, in order to give free rein to their unbridled joy in making music?
The answer to this question is supplied by Balagan, the unique production directed by Sebastiano Toma. Fiery temperament combined with international variety performances and surreal images immerse the audience in a colorful use of felings-of the most uplifted kind.

Under the direction of the Ukrainian composers, Mark Chaet and Sergej Sweschinskij, sounds are ironically and cheekily merged with classical, klezemer, tango and even punk music. International stage artists turn the musical fireworks into an unforgettable experience.

Balagan is a state of mind, a mood, a feeling of overflowing joy, heart touching romanticism, and pure energy.
Balagan means a state of extreme confusion and disorder in Hebrew. The commedia went through numerous transformations on its long journey to the Russian stage. Commedia dell'arte, commdia/ balagan refers to the Russian fairground theatre, which fascinated many Russian modernists with its puppet shows, bear dances, and colorful entertainment. 


Pan European cabaret sensation Balagan picks up
Herald Angel Award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Each week of the Festival period The Herald critics get together to decide which acts, performers or artists they think are deserving of recognition. The journalists make recommendations of who should receive a Herald Angel, and in the case of outstanding performance an Archangel is presented.

This year one of the first editions of the desired recognition was picked up by the cast of BALAGAN on Saturday in Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre in Edinburgh.

"It is an hour of Non-Stop entertainment with echoes of traditions, cultures and people from other times, other places" the Scottish newspaper reported in their five star critic.< August, 2005>

“You are reminded of the Berlin at the turn of the 20th century, of ‘Nachtlokale’, jiddish cabaret and Russian performances – wonderful lyric moments.”

< Press review - Berliner Morgenpost 2005 > 

Fliegende Bauten 

Fliegende Bauten("flying edifices") Production Hamburg is responsible within the Fligende Bauten Group for the creation of new shows. After the big success of Tiger Lillies Circus is now Balagan-after appearances in Berlin and Athens – presented in Edinburgh. Both shows have been directed by Sebastiano Toma. Fliegende Bauten Group is involved in several activities all related to theater. It runs in a big Chapiteau tent a bigh class dinner theatre with more than 600 seats all-season in Hamburg. In addition it has initiated and is running two very successful summer festivals. Fliegende Bauten also promotes and manages third party productions in Germany and the neighbouring countries. 


Director & stage design: Sebastiano Toma
Music: Mark Chaet, Sergej Sweschinskij 


Musical Cast
Mark Chaet , Sergej Sweschinskii, / Momo Kohlschmidt, Giorgio Radoja,
Adam Tomaszewski, Pavel Kurdakov, Dmitry Geller, Anke Lucks
Artistic Cast
Passion (Nataliya & Viktor Nebrat), Igor Vasiliev, Nataliya, Silea,
Fernando & Serafina 

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