All wear bowlers

All wear bowlers

TitleAll wear bowlers
Production Companyrainpan 43
DateMay 6(4PM & 7PM), May 7(3PM), 2006
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time70 minutes
VenueThe little theater in Kyungsung University
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

The Introduction 

Two silent film clowns take a wrong turn and find themselves in a haunted theatre, where hard-boiled eggs play tricks on them and gravity refuses to behave. The desolation of Samuel Beckett and the pathos of Laurel & Hardy collide to create a surreal world of venomous ventriloquists and belligerent bowlers.
all wear bowlers draws from the world of 1930's-era physical comedy to tell the story of two silent film stars who fall off of the screen to find themselves trapped in a clown show. Without a thought in their heads, the duo persists in trying to make sense of their situation, only to succeed in deepening their disorientation until they lose all sense of time, place or self and vanish in a barrage of eggshell and footlights. 


"Easily the most original and funny show this year."

"Existential vaudeville. Waiting for the Marx Brothers. It's fall-off-you-chair funny and it's catch-your-breath moving, full of imagination, spilt second timing, classic magic tricks, ventriloquism and astonishingly skilled clowning around." 

rainpan 43 

Created in 2003. Their first collaboration all wear bowlers earned them a 2005 New York Drama Desk Nomination for Unique Theatrical Experience, a Philadelphia's Barrymore Award Nomination for Best Choreography and The Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Performance Art. The company has performed in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Genoa and Sydney. rainpan 43 will premiere their next piece Amnesia Curiosa in the summer of 2006. 


CO-Writers & Creators : Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle
Director : Aleksandra Wolska
Lighting Design :Randy Glickman(Igleu)
Film Design : Michael Glass
Sound Design : James Sugg
Costumes Design: Tara Webb
Composer : Michael Friedman 


Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle 

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