Shi-zen, 7 Bowels

Shi-zen, 7 Bowels

TitleShi-zen, 7 Bowels
Production CompanyLume
DateMay12 (Fri) 7:30pm, May13(Sat) 7pm, May8 (Sun) 3pm
Age restrictionOver 19 years old
Running time85 minutes
VenueThe Medium Hall of Busan Cultural Center
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

Participated in 2005Edinburgh Fringe Festival ★★★★★
Through Each bowel of the Earth, the Sea, the River, the Sun, the Beast, the Star and the Air… At times dramatic, at times poetic, at times grotesque…the tension unfolds between the natural and the human world.

The Introduction

SHI = Individual
ZEN = As an example And the earth turned grey
SHI-ZEN = Nature The first bowl on the earth
7 Bowls
The first bowl on the earth And the earth turned grey
The second bowl on the sea... the sea turned black
The third bowl on the rivers... the rivers turned red
The fourth bowl on the sun ... the sun turned cold
The fifth bowl on the beast... the beast turned pale
The sixth bowl on the stars... the stars turned fast
The seventh bowl on the air... the air turned to poison

A sketch-show without words in movement, music and song, uniting the stylistic elegance and minimalism of Japanese choreographer Tadashi Endo’s “Butoh-Ma” and the impetuous force and vitality of this renouned Brazilian theatre ensemble.
The 7 performers of the company offer their bodies as vessels through which to tell this particular version of the cycle of life. At times dramatic, at times poetic, at times grotesque - from innocent beginnings to the fitful advance of evolution and culminating apocalyptic vision, the tension unfolds between the natural and the human world.
The open structure of the show, suggesting rather than showing, challenges traditional narrative structures and invites each spectator to be an active participant in the creation of their own particular dramaturgy in this theatrical experience of exquisite technique and skill.
Since the premier in January 2004 in Gottingen, Germany, at the VIII International Mamu Butoh Festival, “Shi-Zen, 7 Bowls” has toured extensively, participating in the major national and international theatre festivals throughout Brazil, the Festival International Experimental de Quito (Ecuador), the Festival International de Liège (Belgium) and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the acclaimed AuroraNova @St.Stephens venue. 


Lume has risen to the highest podium and will with difficulty come down… the most representative and important group in Brazilian theatre today.
< Humberto Sinibaldi Neto, DIÁRIO DA REGIÃO >

“…exquisite,,,,muscles on show, on an empty stage that explodes the synthesis of gesture. Don’t try to do decipher, but be devoured.”
< Zero Hora / Setember 7, 2004 >

“Hallucination, seduction and enchantment …Lume comes close to perfection.
Touching it lightly with delicate fingers.”
< EL Comercio / October 7, 2004 > 


In more than 20 years of existence, LUME has consolidated itself as one of the most significant theatre ensembles in Brazil today. Created in 1985 at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), with the idea to be a centre for investigation and study of the actor's art,
With its ethical-aesthetic approach, the company has not only created its own way to do theatre, reflected in its singular artistic experiences provoked by its performances, but has also become a reference point for actors and theatre researchers that partake of this re-dimensioning of the actor's craft, technique and ethic. Through its performances, workshops, cultural barters, work exchanges, theoretical reflection, the stage and the street, LUME celebrates theatre as the art of meeting and as a space which honours the human being.

Oozing talent, they allow the audience the opportunity to identify with hidden sensations... actors, human beings illuminated by the eternal and difficult art of showing life as it really is

LUME a bief history
The origins of the company lie in the experiences of the company's founder Luis Otavio Burnier (1956-1995) in his years of training as a disciple of Etienne Decroux and research with other renowned practitioners including Eugenio Barba, Jacques Lecoq, and masters of the oriental theatre styles: Noh, Kabuki and Kathakali.
Since its creation, LUME has created 23 performances, and currently maintains a number of shows in repertory. With their combination of performances, workshops and technical demonstrations, the company tours extensively around the world, having visited to date more than 20 different countries.
To compliment the investigations made by the company’s fixed group of performers, exchanges between LUME and other artists has become a constant practice, bringing the group into contact with other ways of thinking and doing art, benefitting from the richness of different approaches and thus diversifying and clarifying the groups' own particular path. Along the years, LUME has cultivated special working relationships with master practioners Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret, Denmark), Natsu Nakajima (Japan), Nani and Leris Colombaioni (Italy), Sue Morrison (Canada), Tadashi Endo (Japan) and Kai Bredholt (Odin Teatret, Denmark).
Barão Geraldo, the district where LUME's centre is located, has been transformed into an important theatrical pole in Brazil, where various groups and artists have settled in order to dedicate themselves to investigation, in search of a theatre practise that values the actor within a theatre that reflects his/her identity and artistic and aesthetic concerns, within an atmosphere of collaboration and exchange. 

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