Closing Performance

Production CompanyYea Gam
DateMay 14 (Sun) 3pm/ May15 (Mon) 7:30pm
TimeThe Grand Hall of Busan Culture Center
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time60 minutes
TicketGeneral: KRW 25,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 15,000

Participation in the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival ★★★★★
A tingling experience that made the world wild with enthusiasm
Fantasy Comic Martial Arts Performance

The Introduction 

The performance that makes the world wild with enthusiasm!
Jump was born with the ambition to create the best cultural product that everyone in the world could enjoy with the subject of Tae-Kwon-Do in 1999.
Since the first performance of a play in 2003, it has performed over 1000 times for 2 years and it has been in the limelight of 300,000 audiences. In 2004, the ‘Jump’ was awarded ‘the Foreign Press Publicity’ by Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club. Jump accomplished the outstanding feat of Box Office No. 1 in 2005 among 1800 plays which were performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is one of most prestigious performing arts festivals in the world. It was the first time in Korean theatrical history. Especially this year 2006, Jump is scheduled to an overseas tour to 10 European countries such as Greece, England, Spain, Germany etc… and Canada and the USA.

Was Tae -Kwon -Do this Fun?!!

Tae- Kwon- Do has been widely known as the Korean Traditional Martial Art inside and outside of Korea. Despite the publicity, what if the Tae Kwon Do was performed on the stage as one of the Korean martial arts, it could’ve been just an ordinary martial arts show. To overcome the limitation, ‘Jump’ is showing the maximized physical beauty of Asian martial arts such as Taek-Kwon-Do and Take-Gyun which are combined with high technical acrobatic skills. The combination brings magnificent and tingling excitement to the audience through the entire show.
The ‘Jump’ shows the performance that is very realistic and energetic with those comic characters, delightful music and the soft but strong powered Tae -Kwon - Do skills by non-verbal form which enthuse totally different cultured people regardless of genders and languages and ages.

Throw away your bias about Non-Verbal! Exhilarant characters offer a distinctive comedy!

Most audiences have been fed up with the simplicity and repetition of non-verbal formed performances. Jump is a family drama, which consists of episodes from everyday life. Various distinctive characters make the audience die with laughter. Their well-timed, non-verbal comedy transcends cultural boundaries

You will be a Master of martial arts during the performance

Jump wants to breathe together with the audience. This splendid show begins without the recognition of the audience through dynamic and flourishing skilled martial art performers. They even pick an anonymous person from the audience to bring up to the stage with them and call the audience ‘The hidden master of martial art’. It’s totally performed as an impromptu situation play which will give audiences a fun and exciting experience as ‘a master of martial arts’. 


The family members are grandfather, father, mother, uncle, daughter, and one mysterious guy who keeps a secret in his glasses and a thief who breaks into the house.
An extraordinary story about each eccentric family member

Episode 1 A visitor is coming! Today is a special day when a special guest visits us. Who is he?
Episode 2 No body can miss the training time. Who is the master of today?
Episode 3 Between love and love, please, let us be in love!
Episode 4 I got ya! The comic martial art match between the thief and this crazy family! 


Go and see this show and take all your family and friends, too. They will love you forever

Spectacular martial art choreography was well harmonized with comic acting. < The Times >

The theater company ‘Ye Gam’ from Korea proved their real worth through this mime performance with a martial art and slapstick comedy.

Those who are very distinctive characters make people laugh by one effort. Besides, they were able to keep it better and more exciting until the end of performance with diverse performing.

High-kicking, Back- flipping action…….Audiences couldn’t take off their eyes from the performance not a second. 


Artistic Director: Chul-Ki Choi
Director:Jun-Sang Lee /Music: Dong- Jun Lee
Comedy Director: Won-Gil Baek
Martial Arts Choreographer: Gye-Hwan Park
Acrobatic Coach: Ok-Soo Chung
Set Design by Mee-Ran Park
Lighting Design :Jong-Hwa Park
Costume Design: Young-Roh Choi 

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