The Train 4

The Train 4

TitleThe Train 4
Production CompanyChoin - Theatre
DateMay 13(Sat): 4pm&7pm / May14(Sun) 3pm
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time60 minutes
VenueKyungsung Little Theater
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 15,000

Participated in 2005 Festival d’Avignon ★★★★★
Official invited to 2006 Yokohama Festival, Japan
The Warmest play in my life!
A world class masterpiece overcoming limits of silent dramas.

The Introduction 

the work of great labor which passes the limit of the non-verbal play

Dramatic Company , Cho-In Theatre established to create a new stage language combining various types such as mime, dance, acrobatic and so on, and be differentiated from the current dramatic and realistic play patterns. The non-verbal play, which was presented in Dae-Hak-Ro( the center of off-Broadway in Seoul), Yeon-Woo Theater, received four encores in 2003. While the advanced won the gold prize in Geo-Chang International Play Festival in 2004, it expanded its reputation to overseas. was the official invitation performed by the International Experimental Play Festival of Cairo, Egypt and the Armenia International Play Festival, America in 2004. In addition, this play participated in the Festival Avignon, France in 2005, which is known as one of the most famous world play festivals, in July of 2005 and was successful in attracting great attention among La Provence and Vaucluse, and Radio Mediterranee FM, which is Paris's famous local program that broadcasts live only interviewing of 1 of in-performance and 4 of off-performances out of a thousand plays. Radio campus and Radio traffic FM had topics about as well. 

's shared by the world 

, a silent play of the Dramatic Company , would remind the audience of the harsh reality after the war in silence but very clearly. The stage of is a square of a small station in a ruined city after the war. There are powerlessly throw-out people (begging boy, girl, and a pimp) under a gigantic power of war in this space. There are also people passing by (various soldiers and a miser) who arose from enjoying the war, Images of war, however, are only shown through customs of some actors and explosive sounds from a distance. The audience would be into the funny actions and sweat of actors gradually, laughing, crying together, and finally feeling warm from the bottom of their hearts. They would also feel sympathy that the war is the one that ripped off the warmness. 


An empty lot in front of an old train station with occasional bombing sounds.
The train leaves behind after groaning an old couple for the missed train and the couple meets a begging brother and sister in front of the station. As coins came barely out of pockets of diverse soldiers are going to the hands of young kids, the old people get upset. In one moment, however, the fear pimp snatches all the money from the young and beats them hard. The stage becomes quiet as if after a storm. The old couple drops their heads for cowardly compassion... The couple starts playing recorders when they find out the recorder sound makes the brother and sister feel comfort. At that moment, the old lady sees the lost tickets inside her shoe. They are so happy and run into the station missing the young. The hopeless brother and sister are trying to escape once again. The most wicked whip of the pimps is waiting for them. When the sharp whip flies in the air, the pimp loses sight of whom is running out of the station. They are, of course, the old couple. Now, these four as one are fighting against the pimp. The fight does not seem to be ended without the stronger or the weaker. Bombing started from the distance is getting bigger and comes in a storm. The young fly to somewhere and the fight is over. The pimp falls down losing the whip, shoes, and power. The old couple barely wakes up, fixes the pimp's shoes and leaves the station. It snows in large flakes in the square.


"Mime, movement given to us by 7 actors and dancing joining remind us of the movie of Charlie Chaplin." < La Provence, France, Avignon 2005. 07 >

"The moment, I stepped on the theater, I felt the deep impression and humor of actors. The performance is very touching and interesting. It is unique, critical and amusing as well.

"The strength of eye's glitter and gestures which overcome desperate fear, Absolutely, there's no limit of the national border. 


Director: Park Chung-Euy 


O-Hyun, KWON , Mee-Jung, AHN, Sang-Hee, LEE , Eun-Wha Choi, Joo-Yeun KIM, Jong-Hoon, LEE, Eun-Sung Lee 

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