Production CompanySinawi
DateMay 10 (Wed.) – May 12 (Fri.) 19:30
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time90 minutes
VenueThe Little Theater Little in Busan Citizen Hall
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

Participated in 2005 APEC Cultural Festival
Wielding, Beating, Hitting!
The comic martial art performanc Buddhist traditional martial art,
Geum- gang- seung- Bulmudo combined with Korean traditional
percussion instruments.

The Introduction 

Weilding, Beating, Hitting!

This took its subject matter from the Hwa-Rang-Do(the code of chivalry from the Silla Dynasty) which represents the spirit of defending our country. This harmonizes ‘Geum Gang Seung Bulmudo’, a traditional Korean Buddhist Martial Art with a traditional percussion instrument, eliciting enjoyment and symbolizing the beauty and strength of Korean traditions in nonverbal forms. This is an attempt to perform the vitality of our culture, to elevate Busan city’s cultural standard, and to activate the local theaters.

What do we pursue for our lives and what are we living for?
Since the end of the last century, this world is changing dramatically, not only are borderlines collapsing but also all of the world’s cultures and societies. Phrases such as ‘a historical view’ or ‘our sense of values’ could sound strange to the younger generation. We always question ourselves like this, “What am I doing now?’, ‘What am I going to do?’. Maybe we are fed up with these questions already. This play tells us about the people of the present who bring up the image of the people in the past, and tries to make sense of our lives through these people. It could sound like a really extraordinary story to you, but it could just be an ordinary story about all of us living at the same time. We want you to question yourselves about this: A people living together in the same age.

About Bulmudo,
Bulmudo, a traditional Buddhist martial art, was introduced during the era of the Three States in Korean history. The basic goal of Bulmudo is to perceive the truth of one’s mind, and to know that pens cannot be separated from swords. It is known as a martial art by which practitioners cultivate their minds, and improve their physical fitness through meditation, praying, kicking, fencing, the art of fist dueling, Zen Yoga, Chi Gong, and even calligraphy. Bulmudo is also known as a dynamic martial art combining intellectual and military skills.


Director: Tae-Wook Gang
Assistant Director: Ji-Yong Kim
Music: Jae-Ok Kim
Martial Art Supervisor: Master Anh Do
Martial Art Coach: Jong-Yul Choi 


Hye-Jung Kim, Ahn-Mo Son, Gil-Sung Baek, Gwang-won Do, Hak-Joon Kim …etc 

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