Production CompanyIimuro Naoki Company
DateMay 9 (Tue), May 10 (Wed) & May 11 (Thu): 7:30pm
Age restrictionOver 8 years old
Running time60 minutes
VenueThe Little Theater of Kung Sung University
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,500 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

Am I the one who breaks the balance of the world?
Or does the world cause it for me?

The Introduction 

Unbalance means “out of balance, disharmony, uncomfortable….
The unbalanced condition can make you slightly crazy or mentally ill?

Superman saves the child who is on the edge of falling down from the building in the movie. However, many children are starving to death in the real world at the same time. Superman never comes. This is an unbalance.
"I am called to be a theater artist!”. "When was the last time I saw any shows?” "Oops! I am too poor to go to see a theater!”
This is an unbalance, too.
It's a total unbalance that Benz and BMW are parked in the parking lot of a 99 cent store. It doesn't mean that “we are going to apply a scalpel of sharp criticism to many contradictory things in the modern society and then..."

Unbalance and Unstableness : imbalance and instability
came from a deep question of life and the ambition to find a specific meaning physically and an abstract meaning internally at the same time.
Am I the one who breaks the balance? Or does the world cause it for me? Lets see the unbalance in the world of Iimuro Naoki who has a little bit different view of the world through the show.
Breathe …slowly... slowly...until the world is over. 

Iimuro Naoki Company 

Iimuro Naoki Company is a mime ensemble company including Iimuro Naoki as a representative who studied in the 'Compagnie de mime Marcel Marceau' in France. They were already invited to 2004 BIPAF with when this company played 'Time of mime' in BIPAF 2004. Since 1991, they have performed a variety of physical works such as mime, pantomime, and dancing through France and Japan.
Iimuro Naoki was chosen as a promising young theater artist at the Osaka Cultural Award.
He was sponsored by the Japanese government and moved back to France with an overseas study program in 2005 


Director: Iimuro Naoki


Iimuro Naoki, Aoki Hanaeh, Tanaka Keisuke, Tanaka Hidehiko, Teranishi Megumi, Huruta Atzko.

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