If You are in Love, Dance with me!

If You are in Love, Dance with me!

TitleIf You are in Love, Dance with me!
Production CompanyDoobicom
DateMay 6 (Sat) 7pm, May 7 (Sun) 3pm
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time90 minutes
VenueThe Grand Hall of Busan Cultural Center
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

From hip-hop, jazz, techno, break and pop dance to dynamic and refined modern dance..... Without speaking the lines, the performance fully satisfies the audience's emotion and is completed with just only dances and songs. This honest musical, which can make dance become a means of communication, is called ‘Dancecal’. 

The Introduction 

Dance + Musical = Dancecal

The first performance of dancecal premiered in October, 2004. During over 300 performances it took a successful initiative to introduce a new genre, "Dance Musical", which was used to name foreign works such as Matthew Bourne's , , , , etc.
The non-verbal style work, which stressed the state of nature based on powerful energy, paid tribute to a good aspect of coordination as one successful work with the joy and excitement of a large live concert and the general strong points of each genre.
This framework of the performance, which can be considered as "Trend Dancecal", is well constructed with excitement, like an interesting cartoon which you can not easily stop reading from cover to cover. That point makes audiences feel like standing up and shouting with enthusiasm.

The best qualified performers
Are you proud of your youth? Compare it with
Do you miss your youth? Join
Dancecal will energetically rattle the world of your inactive sensibility.
During almost 300 performances in one year, great numbers of the most valuable dancers participated in auditions for modern dance, jazz, hip-hop etc., and this has become the gate to success in life for dancers to develop themselves

The contents of the work 

'Dance' is the most candid body of activities for communication.
Do you regard the modern dance as a difficult and tedious one?
Do you think that hip-hop is a worthless feat of culture on the street?
Do you look upon jazz as an outdated and monotonous dance?
Dance is freedom and one of best ways to understand each other.
It is also a body reaction caused by a wave length of it.
From hip-hop, jazz, techno, break and pop dance to dynamic and polished modern dance....
The length and gusto of a scene plays through the medium of dances with brilliant individual skills.
The stage makes a deep impression on the audience and the performance is played only with dances and songs combined with the emotions of audiences without their lines.
, which is expressed as all the languages except songs, can be accessed more easily and comfortably beyond the musical as a high class of culture that is biased toward the aristocratic element of an audience. And it has cast an anchor as a public performance with bilateral communications that is made with one breath of stage and seats for guests.

A fresh atmosphere, which consists of various dances such as hip-hop, jazz, techno and modern dance, soak into one story without an emotional crash.
The power and speed of group dancing is full of energy and a comic framework, a fanciful visual imagination and a quick-witted picture. It also presents the strengths and weaknesses of dance and the exact harmonious forces of light, and a strong sound which vibrates hearts and brings motivation to people.
These things inspire the performance to further efforts.

The audience can just enjoy and feel the same way as the words spoken by bodies, rough breath and beads of sweat from actors which burst at the end of enthusiasm. Before we know it, audiences become actors.


Director: Kwang-Il Choi 


Great numbers besides Him-Chan Choi, Jae-Kyu Lee and Soo-Ah Park 

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