The Typist

The Typist

TitleThe Typist
Production CompanySadari Movement Lab
DateMay11(Thu) & May 12(Fri) 7:30pm, May13(Sat) 4pm & 7pm, May 14(Sun)3pm
Age restrictionOver 8 years old
Running time80 minutes
VenueNureun Little Theater
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

Sadari Movement Lab's comedy project 2!
"Very Special Duo Act -Typist

The Introduction 

The 'Sadari Movement Lab', which has their unique voice with the unique colors and passionate creativity through ,< Woyzeck > and < The Cherry Orchard >, came up to the audience with a new work by Do-Wan Im. He created stereo types of the times that were more fresh and interesting through unique gestures and rhythms. Only two actors are in the entire show. The main story

 is love between a man and a woman, but their approach is very interesting. The point of view of the show expands from individuals, like ‘a man and a woman’ to ‘you and I’. When the show comes to an end, the audience realizes they represent themselves and we who are sometimes hopeful, fall in love and experience the conflict and frustration from everyday life.
expresses the human being, asThe new interpretation and expression over theatre of the absurd

Murray Schisgal is known as a writer of Dustin Hoffman's movie, and . Among them, is the theatre of the absurd seen through the daily life absurdity in an explicit and humorous way. The theatre of the absurd has been performed several times by other theatre companies, but it passed over the audience's stereotyped response, 'too serious and hard to understand'.

The absurd comedy , freshly adapted by the Sadari Movement Lab, will drive us in 2006 to a new level of a special, new impression and laughter. big as well as small through the small events disappearing in the routine universe of life. 


Eunja who is hoping to get a better job after more careers, and Pilgu who is hoping to go to a night school and to be a lawyer are the main characters who run the entire show. What Eunja and Pilgu do is typing information postcards to customers of their company. They seem to forget to take a rest during working hours like others. They keep typing all day long under the fear of their boss’s fiery orders and start everyday by talking about their dreams and hopes. They get older as they come and go to the bathroom and their boss's office. They are sometimes confronted with each other or sometimes complain of their boring lives, but gradually, they become to appreciate themselves
Eunja and Pilgu taste the bitterness of frustration and remember their passions and the love of their youth. Their illusion to get out of their routine is at a standstill. However, they eventually find their deep friendship and love between them and leave the office with warm and comforted hearts.

The characteristic of The work 

Sadari Movement Lab 

Constructional image of movement: Creation of a new theatrical language.
The Sadari Movement Lab pursues not the literary image, which describes the story as introduction, development, turn and conclusion and who, what, when, where, why, how, but by the 'constructional image of movement', which expands the inner motivation indicated in the text. Using the expanded forms, it has studied the dynamic of original nature under the recognition of 'human is a small universe'.
The Sadari Movement Lab constructs the symbolic forms and presents them in the set to make the audience absorb the projected poetic meaning into their own imagination.
Since in 19999, they have produced ensemble works through improvisation during the rehearsal. They also try to develop more diverse stage languages by cooperating with other related theater arts.


Director: Do-Wan Im


Jin-Hee Yoon, Sang-Il Lee

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