Good-bye To you!

Good-bye To you!

TitleGood-bye To you!
Production Company Ha Hyun-Kwan Mime Performance
DateMay 11(Thu), May 12(Fri) 7:30 PM
Age restrictionOver 8 years old
Running time60 minutes
VenueThe Little Theater of Busan Cultural Center
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

New performance by Hyun- Gwan Ha who is one of the most competitive mime artists in Busan
A story of the people who are fading away is expressed by the freedom of THE ART!

The Introduction 

It's not a typical drama.
It's not a simple mime or dance just by physical activity.
It's not a common play with a typical drama structure.
Of course, much dialogue does exist, but none of it matters to tell the facts
or to express particular feelings directly. It works well just as sound building an auditory image.
As an undefined genre, it stages either mime or acting in place.
Sometimes it dances, and then tells the story with both visual and auditory images.

However, for sure, it is not a play. 


It is about people who are disappearing from our brain.
They just stand on the stage.
They keep moving and talking, but none of them succeeds to make an event. Ironically, they do something, but there is nothing.
It is empty because the more they try the easier they are forgotten.
It expresses the feelings of the fear of nothingness and the distress of forsakenness with the visual and auditory images.

The Ha-Hyun-Gwan Mime Performance
1999	Participated 
2000	Presented < Mime Stage of Ha Hyun-Gwan and Huh Seung-Min
	- A Journey to Time and Dream> 
2002	Participated to the Open Art Festival by Busan Art with 
2005	Performed to the special Festival by The Korean People Artist 
	Federation in Busan 
2005	Participated in the play, < Baby Pink >of ‘Dong Dong 2030’ 
	Special planned performance by The National Dance Company 
	of Korea

Director: Hyun-gwan, Ha 
Music: Se-Ho Lee
Stage Design: Ji-sun Hwang 

Woong Choi, Hyun-gwan Ha, Sung-Hye Ahn, Jin-Man Bae, Se-Ho Lee, Young-Rim Kim, Nam-Sook Son, Jae-Sook Shin
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