JINY Story

JINY Story

TitleJINY Story
Production CompanySe Jin Mime Theater Company
DateMay 7 (Sun) 3 pm/ May 8 (Mon) & 9 (Tue) 7:30 pm
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time50 minutes
VenueThe Small Hall of Busan Cultural Center
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 15,000

The seven stories transcending time and place of the mime artist, JINY !
With soundless pantomimes......JINY will open your hearts little by little.

The Introduction 

The has seven different kinds of stories by the mime artist, Jinny. Each story has a unique character transcending time and place.
The stories are somewhat absurd or grotesque, but will gain sympathy from people, make people be deeply moved and enable them to have a critical mind by comparing it to their own lives and everyday affairs. Of course, it will give joy to the audience.
The performance will be presented containing all these in seven episodes as an omnibus style. 

The contents of the performance 

A Fly
A fly interrupting the peaceful lunch table. Everyone must have been bothered by annoying flies at one time or another. JINY works it out with his own method.

JINY is afraid of cockroaches. Maybe most people will be the same. What will happen when his fear starts from cockroaches and gets closer to the utmost limit?

Relationships with other people are described as a kiss in each period of a person's lifetime. Through this relationship, a human being’s lifetime process from birth, through growing and finally death is beautifully expressed.

The life of an ordinary Korean mother and her child is represented through the chair that has a diverse meaning. This is dedicated to the artist’s mother and to all the mothers in this world.

TV, moving pictures, multimedia
JINY wakes up with the sound of the TV, goes to work with a cellular phone and spends more than half of the day in front of a computer monitor. Even when drinking with others, he can not take his eyes off the TV. Even right before he falls to sleep drunk.
Well, what about your days?

A story of one clown
How many people are really doing for a living what they want in this world? A story of a clown standing the conflict between 'to do what he really wants to do' and… ' to live' is the story of JINY.



'Silence for 80 minutes pantomime'
This performance is very familiar and liberal with a diversity of expressions (inner life) and energy showing the routine lives of people living in the modern world. It also contains the wit of the young generation. This soundless performance interacts with the audience and leaves a deep impression inside the audience. –Digital kookje

Mute 'pantomime', endless 'act of dream'
You can share the immeasurable feeling from a soundless pantomime. With a sad background melody, sorrow, thankfulness, love, anger and other feelings that are drawn out. - Busan Ilbo


Director: Se-Jin Kim 


Se-Jin Kim 

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