Marionette Music Concert

Marionette Music Concert

TitleMarionette Music Concert
Production CompanyMusic Marionette Theatre
DateMay 6(Sat), May 7(Sun): 14:00&16:00pm May 8(Mon): 16:00pm & 19:30pm
Age restrictionAll ages
Running time50 minutes
VenueThe little theater in Busan Citizen Hall
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 10,000

The Music dance festival of beautiful dolls in fairy tails from Russia, of Music Marionette Theatre will be wonderful for all the family. 

The Introduction 

The feat parade of various dolls such as wood carving string Puppetsh and puppets and stick puppets.
Proceeds in a way of a musical dance festival, not story centered, so the family Music marionette show allows every single family member to enjoy it regardless of age and gender. This fabulous show was invited to Duk-yang Aulim Nuri Children's day Festival, which is organized by the Go-yang cultural foundation as a special performance guest In 2005. It made a splash among the audience and everyone concerned. 

The plot 

The omnibus style of more than 15 short programs.
It has various repertories of belly dances, Arabian nights, Indian yoga performances, gypsy dancers, gypsy choir, Michael Jackson, ball circus, Mexican family choir, shaman dances, skeleton concert, fire show, African aboriginal dances and etc. 

Music Marionette 

"Mini-Dlin Theatre", from 1996 to 2003, was renamed "Music Marionette Theatre" in 2004 season.

1998     Participated in The International Puppet show festival with Porto-St, Elpidio" in Italy. 
2001     Participated in The Marionette Festival (Alba,Pinerollo, Casale-Monferato, Florenc) in Italy.
2001     Participated in The Moscow Gypsy Festival 
2002     Participated in The Crazy Marionettes festival and toured about 20 cities including San-
            Miniato, Florence and Napoli in Italy.
2002     Performed Black & Light for the Christmas celebration performance in Wiesbaden, Germany.
2003     official invitation for the celebration of the third centennial anniversary of the city, 
            Sankt Peterburg. 
2005     The official invitation in by Goyang cultural foundation in South Korea

Director : Victor Antonov

Vuljislav Thimoneen included
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