The Little Prince

The Little Prince

TitleThe Little Prince
Production CompanyWagon Stage Troupe
DateMay 10(Wed),May 11 (Thur): 4pm & 7:30pm
Age restrictionOver 8 years old
Running time70 minutes
VenueKyungsung Concert Hall
TicketGeneral: KRW 15,000 / Juvenile (Under 18): KRW 15,000

The emotional puppet show for all family members!
The more advanced work made of the constituent puppets and mime with the formalities of a musical number.

The Introduction

The constituent puppet show for all the family...

written by Antoine-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupery has been recreated to a kind of constituent puppet show,< The Little Prince> for all family members by a theatrical troupe, "Wagon Stage". The main theme - "Something important is hard to convince people." is represented with constituent puppets, mime, and songs from the musical number sorts. This is the repertory of the troupe, which is still loved since the first performance in 1992. It makes us think of the true purity and nature of human beings in modern society, especially the trend of taking human's lives unworthy for materials and abnormal thoughts over the generation.

The little prince has been reborn as a constituent puppet...
If a child played the role of the little prince, it could be good, but it must be difficult for the child to understand the message of the author. And it will also make the play less impressive than writings. In this point of view, we can use the puppet instead of a person. The puppet of the little prince is controlled by a hard, brand new way which is the first attempt in Korea. It consists of three main players, one should hold the puppet's feet and another should take hold of its right arm and waist. The other person should seize the head and the left arm of the puppet as well, and then they can work together. This controlling system is commonly performed in Japan and western countries including some plays for adults. Because it is very and delegate and complicated to operate, it needs a skilled person who has taken the special course of learning mime for the role of the little prince.

The infinite imaginative space made by mime...
The motto of the theatrical troupe for production is not being restricted by the stage of performance. It matters little whether the stage is out of doors, in an auditorium or in a small classroom. They consider the player's ability to carry the performance over space obstacles as the prime fact in a drama. So, the notion of expanding space should be used extensively. The world of mime can change into the space of the universe like the Sahara, even though it covers only 10 pyeong (a unit of area) and without lighting as well. Their argument is not just idea but the concrete plan for the audience, not only for a 4-year-old child but also for the old people who cannot hear well. In addition, it makes the audience concentrate on moments that could be tedious by the delicate movements of puppets like magic during the performance.


The performance is with puppets moving freely without strings. Tap dance and props for mime, magic, and music, simplification of speech to be understood easily, the enthusiastic live fusion performance.
< Korea Education Weekly News>

Wagon Stage 

‘Wagon stage is the term made from an abstract of Italian Commedia dell`arte during the Renaissance. The special stage for this Commedia, which we called ‘Wagon stage’, is a movable stage with wheels. It offers play stages wherever the audiences are.
, which participated at [98 Chekhov Festival] and ‘A Weekday Repertory’ has been settled in Dae-Hak-Ro(the center of Korean off-Broadway) successfully. got the Dong-Ah Theatre arts Award for acting. , the work of ‘A Weekday Repertory’, is set to be invited to a Japanese performance in 2007. has already been performed several times at over 30 junior and senior high schools. The audiences praised it for the comprehension of the contents, the movement of puppets and natural acting of performers.

1993	 Performance for the opening cerebration in Kyeong-Nam
                 Theater Arts  Festival 
2001          Invitated performance in Chuncheon Puppet festival. 
2002	 Official Invited Performance  from numerous festival sucha as 
                 Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Keochang International Festival                
                 of Theatre and school like KAIST
2003          Participated in The bluebird International Festival for Children
2007          Invited to make a city tour of seven cities in Japan.

Director: Tae-Yong Kim

In-Ho Lee, Yung-Sook Son, Yang-Su Kim, Sung-Woo Lee, Rack-Hee Um

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