Main Program
BIPAF 2022 Invited Performance


Production CompanyCompany Kate & Pasi
Age restrictionAll Rating
Running time23min
VenueOnline Screening
PlatformYouTube, Naver TV
GenreHand-to-Hand Acrobatic

10th Jun (Fri) ~ 19th Jun (Sun) 2022 

The performance begins with the question of what kind of relationship there can be between such an unlikely duo when the two encounter each other. Kate & Pasi literally juggle with elements of a love relationship, and they answer the couple development questions with heart-stopping acrobatics, sensitivity and lots of self-irony.

Kate & Pasi are an acrobatics duo from Finland. Their passion for hand-to-hand acrobatics naturally brought them together. They perform foot juggling, whip cracking, spectacular hand-to-hand acrobatics shows for outdoor, indoor and contemporary circus audiences, variety and dinner shows. Kate & Pasi have performed in over 20 countries together.

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