Main Program
BIPAF 2022 Dynamic Street


Production CompanyOriental Magic Theatre DAM
Running time20min
VenueAPEC Naru Park, Cinema Center Outdoor Area
GenreTraditional Theatre (Korean Traditional Music, Magic)

18th Jun (Sat) ~ 19th Jun (Sun) 2022

Although the spring has come, the spring of the boy's mind is still dark. Both nature and the boy gradually grow stale, and the only flower the boy has withers in the end. Time passes and one day, the sound of gayageum wakes up butterflies, water, and light to find the life of the flower. And that's how the world comes to life. Fresh buds sprout in the pot, clear water droplets form on lotus leaves, and the white blossom like snow falls from the sky. A fantasy unfolds in the boy’s heart hoping to bloom again and revive the boy.

Oriental Magic Theatre DAM is a representative Korean traditional magic theatre that studies and performs Hwansul, Korean traditional magic which is one of the genres of traditional performances. Based on Korean traditional music, the company is receiving a lot of attention from domestic and foreign audiences. It won two awards at the Busan International Magic Festival in 2013 and performed at the World Magic Cup in Italy in 2015.

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