One Green Onion and One Tofu

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One Green Onion and One Tofu

TitleOne Green Onion and One Tofu
Production CompanyTheatre NURIE
Age restriction14 Rating (Middle school students or older than born in 2009)
Running time80min
VenueHaneulbaram Theatre
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11th Jun (Sat) ~ 12th Jun (Sun) 2022

11th Jun (Sat) 18:00

12th Jun (Sun) 18:00

"We have to believe there's a better future ahead of us!”

There is a couple from our generation. The temporary employee couple is always interested in the products of capitalist society. Although they are a family of modest income levels, they admire the culture of the so-called wealthy class. They are unstable members of the system because they are the most common in capitalist society. As the wife conceives a child, poverty that had been with them all along silently, begins to haunt them. This extremely realistic play One Green Onion and One Tofu asks us a question about how is it like to live a decent life as humans. Also, the play reminds us of the meaning of living together, as well as conveys warm consolation that celebrates ordinary life for its beauty in itself.

Founded in 1997, the Theatre NURIE mainly presents original plays and experimental plays, and through performances, it expresses our daily life in various styles. The theatre is well known for its character in plays that express the life of this era and speaks of society while interacting with the audience. Its productions are well received by the audience for the heart-warming story.

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