The Story of Boknyeo

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The Story of Boknyeo

TitleThe Story of Boknyeo
Production CompanyTheater Company Odyssey
Age restriction14 Rating (Middle school students or older than born in 2009)
Running time90min
VenueSmall Theater Exit No. 6
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15th Jun (Wed) ~ 16th Jun (Thu) 2022

15th Jun (Wed) 20:00

16th Jun (Thu) 20:00

Jargal, a young Mongolian lady with a lot of dreams, married Deokgu, an old bachelor who works at Jagalchi Market in Busan. Jargal means ‘'happiness' in Mongolian. Jargal, who dreams of a happy life just like the meaning of her name, lives and works hard while taking care of her husband and selling fish at her husband’s fish shop. Meanwhile, Park Boknyeo, a trouble maker at Jagalchi Market, comes to Jargal and throws a tantrum for a free fish. Boknyeo is insisting but Jargal turns her down to give Boknyeo fish for free, so they have a fight and their relationship sours. However, one day when Boknyeo finds Jargal helplessly crying after being beaten by drunk Deokgu, she couldn’t help but bring Jargal to her house. The Story of Boknyeo of Theater Company Odyssey touches the audience deeply as recalling the meaning and true happiness of being together through the meeting of two women who go through twists and turns but in the end heal each other’s wounded hearts.

Founded to promote performing arts with a hard-working and experimental spirit, Theater Company Odyssey continues to have a good influence on the performing arts industry, providing arts and cultural education for local institutions and donating talents to social welfare facilities and nursing hospitals. The company touches the audience with various works such as the plays The Story of Boknyeo, The Dead, and the musical Daldabang.

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