Celebration Cake

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Celebration Cake

TitleCelebration Cake
Production CompanyJBplayce
Age restriction14 Rating (Middle school students or older than born in 2009)
Running time80min
VenueSpace Theater
Reservation Linkhttp://ticket.yes24.com/Perf/42208

12th Jun (Sun) ~ 13th Jun (Mon) 2022 

12th Jun (Sun) 18:00

13th Jun (Mon) 20:00

The House of Lee Baek-moon, a senior playwright in Busan. Today is the birthday of Lee Baek-moon's wife, Park Ji-yeon. Even though it is his wife's birthday, Lee Baek-moon is drinking with his friend Kim Jin-hae. Their daughter Lee Chae-rin enters her room without saying much just as usual. Their son Lee Woo-suk comes home after a long time with his mother's birthday cake and his entire salary as pocket money for the family. Everyone welcomes him. However, Lee Woo-seok gets upset that his father is drinking with his friend even on his mother's birthday and vent his anger on his younger sister Lee Chae-rin, the easy target, and this leads to a family quarrel.

Celebration Cake of JBplayce is a work that various generations can relate to as it tells the story of family conflict and covers the generational and gender conflict as well. Especially it entertains the audience by unfolding a universal thought that transcends generations with a fast tempo and energetic movement.

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