Autumn Fireflies

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Autumn Fireflies

TitleAutumn Fireflies
Country Korea
Production CompanyBusan Theater Production DONGNUK
Age restriction 14 Rating (Middle school students or older than born in 2009)
Running time 90min
Venue Yeolrin Art Hall
Genre Play
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14th Jun (Tue) ~ 15th Jun (Wed) 2022 

14th Jun (Tue) 20:00

15th Jun (Wed) 20:00

29 years old Jeong Bomin lives with his uncle Jeong Supyeong, who runs a boat dock on the outskirts. He still has resentment toward his father Jeong Munpyeong who left him, but Bomin forms a family bond with Supyeong and lives contentedly even though they are not well off. However, Bomin’s humble but happy life takes a new turn when two unexpected persons appear. Bomin is not fond of these undesirable two who make ripples on the water surface, but Supyeong accepts them. Demonstrating the process of creating an alternative family, the play discusses a new definition of a family in the 21st century, when the breakup of the family became a reality.

Founded in 1995, Busan Theater Production DONGNUK continues the modernization of traditional styles and keeps the experimental spirit of the original production by producing performances that combine the traditional performances, modern dramas, and actors' bodies. Currently, as a member theater company of the Korean Theatre Association and the Busan Branch of the Korean Theatre Association, they are actively engaged in cultural education not only with domestic but also with international theater companies. With the representative works including Granny Where Are You Going?, Bride Dreams of Becoming a Butterfly, Unak, and Sunshine Warriors, theater production DONGNUK received the Best Directing Prize at Gomanaru Theater Festival 2010, Gold Prize at the Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2013, the Silver Prize at the Korean Theater Festival 2019, and more

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