Youth Support Program
Be Together, Youth!


Production CompanyICONTACT
Age restriction14 Rating (Middle school students or older than born in 2009)
Running time80min
VenueLemon Tree Theater
Reservation Link

17th Jun (Fri) ~ 18th Jun (Sat) 2022 

17th Jun (Fri) 20:00

18th Jun (Sat) 18:00

Ji Woon, Jun Ho, and Kyeong Hun are roommates living together in a studio apartment in Seoul. While relying on each other despite the tough conditions, Ji Woon starts sports gambling with their rent and bills after he injures his leg and can't find a job. Jun Ho notices that Ji Woon starts gambling when Ji Woon becomes over-sensitive to the Asian Games football quarter-finals, and this fuels the already existing emotional debate. Roommate realistically portrays the three friends that are common around you in real life and captures our youth which is sometimes dazzling and sometimes challenging.

Featuring hyper-realistic comedies, ICONTACT depicts the daily life of young people in their twenties, so that the audience can appreciate and empathize with the plays. Furthermore, their unique characters and skillful actors and actresses are receiving enthusiastic responses from the audience.

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