Main Program
BIPAF 2022 Invited Performance
Opening Celebrating Performance


Production CompanyGOONIES COMPANY
Running time15min
VenueBusan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre Lobby
GenreStreet Group Art

10th Jun (Fri) ~ 11th Jun (Sat) 2022

The mysterious melodies, dynamic and quick gestures, the harmony of Gayageum and Haegeum and rap, seem unbecoming but strangely fit perfectly! Through continuous collaboration and combination with a new genre, rather than just one, Goonies Company's unique and novel works are created to show new creations beyond the boundaries of the definition and genre of dance. 

GOONIES COMPANY has been experimenting and challenging art activities based on creation by incorporating b-boying into a traditional genre that represents the beauty of Korea. With the representative work MYSTERIOUS, the company was recognized for its originality and directing skills in the 2019 Incheon Cultural Foundation Street Arts Support Project. It won a gold award at the 17th Busan International Theater Festival Dynamic Street in 2020, drawing enthusiastic responses from the audience. 

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