Manu or The Illusion of Time

Main Program
BIPAF 2022 Invited Performance

Manu or The Illusion of Time

TitleManu or The Illusion of Time
Production CompanyCasa del Silencio
Running time60min
VenueOnline Screening
PlatformYouTube, Naver TV
GenrePhysical Theater

10th Jun (Fri) ~ 19th Jun (Sun) 2022 

Manu, a soldier wasted through years of battles ends war today. A man like him, too sensitive to withstand the nightmare that is combat, should have never participated in the war. He fell down as many times as he stood back up. His only special wish is to go back home and find Magnolia, the woman who awaits him. It’s the beginning of a new road. His memory does not give him the privilege of remembering the way back. There is not much else left to do, but to keep his chin up, focus and go forward. The intricate journey introduces him to a world of illusion where truth and fiction merge. Is he remembering, or is it just his imagination? Manu is not concerned about defining the borders anymore. So many years fearing them, and now all he wants to do is to advance.

Founded in 1997, Casa del Silencio is a laboratory of investigation, creation, and training in Physical Theatre. Since its foundation, Casa del Silencio has collaborated artistically, and academically with artists and performers from different parts of the world, who have contributed to the research and creation of different approaches to performing, creating visual content, and developing a dramaturgy with the performing body. In addition to this, he has developed “LE GESTE”, a permanent laboratory for training in Physical Theatre. Since its creation, this space has proved to be extremely valuable for performing arts in Colombia.

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